Wonder Scanner Review – Scan N Bank? Real or Fake?*

Disclaimer: This is an Honest Wonder Scanner Review by a Real Beta Tester. I have beta-tested this App, therefore will give my honest take on that.

Today I saw an advertisement for Wonder Scanner with this tempting offer: Exercise to get FREE ROBUX by redeeming your steps!

Many gamers who can’t afford the hefty cost of in-game currency may find this shocking.

However, considering that I have examined more than 10 comparable apps that propose transferring Robux for gamers, it is no surprise to me.

And I’m not referring to a few dollars worth of credits. You are allegedly able to exchange Wonder Scanner for in-game money for hundreds of dollars!

Then, is Wonder Scanner real or a scam? Does it offer rewards to players? Let’s investigate!

What Is Wonder Scanner?

It’s a straightforward program that lets you acquire virtual goods by playing games and scanning barcodes.

You can exchange your earned coins and diamonds for credits in the following six video games: Genshin, Free Fire, Brawl Stars, Mobile Legends, and PUBG.

Over 500,000 people have downloaded the app from the Google Play Store, and that figure is rising.

How It Actually Works

On the Google Play Store, Wonder Scanner is accessible worldwide and compatible with Android mobile devices.

The software offers three straightforward steps to gain free game currency when you launch it for the first time:

Join the contest.

Gain points by scanning or participating in games.

Your preferred gaming currency will be added to your account in a minute after you use points to redeem them.

The following section gives you three ways to gain points:

Detect barcodes

Clicking the scan button is the first step before letting Wonder Scanner start recording videos and taking images.

Next, aim the camera on your phone at any product’s barcode or QR code.

The prize will then be activated instantly after Wonder Scanner uses a built-in sensor to read the number embedded in the code.

In order to receive the points, simply tap “receive” and watch the 30-second video.

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Performance in Games

You will be taken to a page that promotes the best mobile app development businesses when you click “Play.” At the top, there is a sizable banner as well!

Since they anticipate seeing a list of games, many individuals have trouble understanding this.

As a result, people unintentionally visit sponsored websites, which is quite advantageous to the developer!

Select a game from the list by tapping the “game” option at the top to access the games.

While looking through games or playing one, you will receive diamonds every second.

By tapping the coin symbols and viewing the advertisement after clicking “receive,” you can also earn points.

Jackpot success

You may purchase skins and avatars for your favorite games at The Lucky Jackpot.

Each time you watch two videos on the Wonder Scanner app, you will be able to open a mystery box.

Redeeming Diamonds and Points

Once you have accumulated enough points or diamonds, you can withdraw game currency.

Each of the six games that are offered has a different minimum payout requirement.

For example, you could exchange 5000 points for 10,000 Robux and 100,000 diamonds for 15,000 Robux.

Wonder Scanner: Is It Real? Do Players Receive Rewards?

Not at all, no! Despite your best attempts to satisfy their absurd conditions, you won’t obtain any game currency.

For developers, apps like Wonder Scanner are a dream come true because they generate passive cash while you use the app.

I’m hoping you’ve come to the realization that everything is a ruse designed to increase app income at the price of your time.

That explains why you will start to receive fewer and fewer points as you get closer to the minimum withdrawal amount.

You take longer to complete your task, which increases the developer’s gain.

Even worse, as you cross the finish line and click the redemption button, another level of ridiculousness is revealed.

Before being added to the infamous waiting list, you must watch 20 videos in 24 hours.

Would you prefer to bypass the waiting list? Of course, why not watch 35 more videos to get your prize right away?

The software reportedly prompted certain daring users who made it to this point to either pay 2 USD or watch 80 more clips.

What a joke, everyone!

There doesn’t seem to be any legislation preventing software developers from making ludicrous statements about cash incentives.

It should be noted that the majority of the advertisements for these incentive apps include the disclaimer “There are no promises.”

That obviously exempts the businesses.

In addition, they do their business abroad, so what “rights” are you claiming?

I’m not a lawyer, so I can’t talk about whether or not what they’re doing is wrong.

However, I can assure you that you won’t get the gaming currency as promised.

Conclusion On Wonder Scanner Review

Wonder Scanner is a waste of time because it isn’t a legitimate rewards app.

They will make you go through a series of hoops before asking you for 2 USD and sending your game cash, which is worth $50 USD.

That is completely illogical!

I’m aware that many individuals yearn for expensive in-game currency. But regrettably, there aren’t any miracle apps or deals that will make your desires come true.

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