Top 30 Unknown Facts About Alibaba

 Top 30 Unknown Facts About Alibaba

We can’t keep a name apart from the list if we have to think about a giant e-commerce company. Probably you may be thinking about Amazon, eBay, or Alibaba.  You guessed it right. 

We are talking about the Chinese multinational technology company, “Alibaba”. It is specialized in e-commerce, retail, internet, and technology. 

Today in this article you are going to learn “Top 30 unknown facts “ of this giant e-commerce platform. Let’s go:

1. Alibaba was founded by jack MA along with his wife and 16 other friends on April 4, 1999

2. The term Alibaba was inspired from the eastern folk tale “one thousand and one nights”

3. Products on Alibaba are usually cheap as compared to other e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay. 

4. The team of founders in Alibaba is one of the best examples of gender equality. 

5. Yahoo owns around 15% shares of Alibaba

6. It handles 80% of china’s e-commerce business

7. The average revenue of Alibaba in 2020 is around $550 billion

8. 50% of the parcels send in China belongs to Alibaba

9. The main competitors of Alibaba are:




10. The first word searched by the founder of Alibaba(jack MA) was “beer”

11. Alibaba members once used to hide their truth, being Chinese to their foreign costumers . 

12. Alibaba is generating stronger revenue and earnings growth as compared to Amazon

13. Alibaba has more number of employees as compared to Facebook and Yahoo, being combined together.

14. The total number of employees at Alibaba are 117,600.

15. The only giant company in the world who hasn’t started at silicon valley in America ……and going great …..

16. Alipay is the largest payment method of Alibaba

17. In 2020 Alibaba has the 6th highest global validation

18. Alibaba has made its co-founder, the number 1 richest person of china

19. Aliexpress is the retail branch to the Alibaba umbrella.

20. Alibaba at its beginning years used to hire young people from poor economic backgrounds.

21. The first salary of jack MA was $12- $15 per month, which he used to earn by working as an English teacher 

22. Throughout Black Friday, Alibaba manufactured more than $5.75 billion in sales.

23. Alibaba has launched Alibaba cloud in September 2009 

24. In 2004, the Alibaba Group launched Alipay, a third-party online payment platform with no transaction fees

25. The person who designed a logo for Alibaba was Sheng Yi Fei

26. Daraz Group, a leading e-commerce company in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Nepal, is fully acquired by Alibaba Group.

27. It is rated as the fifth largest artificial intelligence company in 2020.

28. It is the largest company in Asia by market value.

29. It is also coined as “Chinese amazon “

30. Strong demand for shares raised the price range earlier this week to between $66 and $68 a share, up from the initial $60 to $66.

we can’t forget the fact that every giant company was once a small start-up. They tried, failed, tried, experimented, created amazing stories, and at the end created history. Hope these facts gave you new energy to boost your knowledge, IQ, and confidence.

Stay happy and keep hustling!

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