Top 30 amazing realities about tiktok in 2020

 If you love being in touch with internet than you probably may know about “Tik tok”. In 2019-20 Tik tok was viewed as the best sensation everywhere on over the web exceptionally.


TikTok, referred to in China as Douyin is a video-sharing informal communication administration claimed by ByteDance. It is mainly allows us to make short videos, lip-sync, dance and comedy of 3 to 15 seconds. ByteDance initially introduced Douyin/Tiktok for the Chinese market in September 2016. Later it which was propelled in 2017 for iOS and Android in many countries outside of territory China. If you just think tik tok as lip syncing and dancing platform, you are wrong.

Here are 30 amazing realities about tiktok in 2020:

1.            There are 800 million every day Active users of tiktok.

2.            TikTok was already, where individuals would transfer lip-synchronize recordings. It was established by two friends, Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang .

4.   was launched on August 2014, however the parent organization ByteDance bought it with $ 1 billion on November 2017 . They got blended and together it was named as tiktok.

5.            The originator of tiktok , ByteDance is presently the world’s most important startup with a valuation of over $ 75 billion.

6.            In June 2020, Kevin Mayer became the CEO of TikTok.

8.            A huge number of TikTok users are from Asian nations, mainly China and India .

9. In the U.S. alone, over 30 million individuals are effectively utilizing TikTok, and the number is expanding at an amazingly speedy rate.

10.          Almost 70 percent of TikTok clients are between 16 to 24 years of age.

11.          The normal TikTok user spends 50 minutes out of every day on the application.

12.          About 34 percent of the tiktok users post at least one video for each day.

13.          TikTok gives its users an excellent natural reach. Indeed, even without any supporters, your posting can become a web sensation and arrive at millions.

14.          TikTok application is presently accessible in 151 nations in 75 distinct languages.

15.          Around 30 percent of the application’s absolute worldwide downloads are simply from India.

16.          There was around 2 million of tiktok downloads in India just in the initial 11 months of 2019 .

17.          20% of all TikTok income originates from the USA.

18.          In early March 2020, the site had an Alexa positioning of 174.

19.          The Chinese web development group took 200 days to make Tik Tok App Original Version.

20.          Tik Tok users on the Android gadget are around 80 percent.

21.          In 2019, TikTok turned into the fourth most downloaded application in play store, after Facebook Messenger, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

22.          Along with 33 million of downloads, it was positioned as the top most downloaded application in Apple’s iOS App Store in 2019.

23.          The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has totally prohibited tiktok in India on 29 June 2020.

24.          The worldwide best occasions to post on TikTok are 6 am to 10 am and 7 pm to 11 pm, Eastern Standard Time (EST).

25.          Many People are bringing in cash by utilizing this stage.

26.          According to Forbes, top 5 richest tiktokers in 2020 are:

          ⭕  Addison Rae: $5 Million

          ⭕ Charli D’Amelio: $4 Million

          ⭕ Dixie D’Amelio: $2.9 Million       

          ⭕ Loren Gray: $4 Million

           ⭕ Josh Richards: $2.5 Million

27.          In China Tik Tok is Called Douyin, which signifies “vibrato short video” in English.

28.          You may don’t realize that tiktok permits us to make short recordings upto 60 seconds.

29.        An average user opens tik tok around 8 times per day.

30.       Tiktok users have spend more than $456 million buying coins on the tik tok app.

31.       Tiktok is the only app in the top 5 most downloads list, which is not owned by facebook.

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