10 Awesome Tips For Content Writers in 2021 {Must Read}



Content writing is interesting and fun if you really love writing. It includes writing for blog, websites, podcasts, newspaper or social media. Moreover, you can make money from here as well. Fortunately, you can learn it with some practice and patience. Let’s go.

1. Quality content. See, content writing is all about content. The value you add to your content gets added to your value instead. Your content should be original, well researched, reliable, resourceful and worth reading. Do as much research as you can to know about the topic you are going to write about. Add your personal experiences and your unique style to make a connection with your audience. Keep yourself to the point and don’t get distracted from the main topic.
2. Language skills. For writing some quality content, your language skills must be well enough. Your language should be clear, simple, errorless, and to the point. Do you think readers will come again to your site, once they see grammatical errors in your articles? So, grammatical mistakes must be avoided. You may use some editing apps like Grammarly and  Hemingway editor to check grammatical mistakes. Moreover, improving your vocabulary is also equally important.
3. Creativity first. Never place quantity over quality. Only write as much as you can. Pushing yourself to write drains out your creativity. Allow yourself to relax and write with a creative and innovative mind.
4. Get to know about SEO, HTML, CSS and WordPress. Since this is a digital age and most of the content is written for some digital platform, knowing these things is really essential. You don’t need to be an expert of all this. Just knowing the basics is well enough. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials and websites where you can easily learn about their basics. Learning SEO is truly necessary to bring traffic to your blog.
5. Editing. Edit the content yourself first. Remove what needs to be removed and add as well. Edit it yourself two times at least. After that take someone’s help. It’s important to understand how others are seeing your work from their perspective to know if the reader is relating to what you have written about.
6. Making your content interesting. Interesting content is going to fascinate your readers. The first step towards that is making the snappy and attention-seeking title and first paragraph. These will decide if the reader is going to read the whole article or not. If your article is shorter in length, put important content first, followed by matter related to it. If your article is lengthy, fascinate your reader with a catchy headline, making him curious about your material.
7. Become an expert in different writing styles. For example, when you write for a newspaper or a website, you have to write differently than writing for a YouTube video or a podcast. Make yourself to write for every platform. You may have to write for a website, newspaper, podcast, social media, resume or even emails. If you are ready to take offers from different platforms, it makes you more valuable and accessible. 
8. Pick your niche. Of course, many content writers are all-rounders, they can write on everything from gaming to fashion. But, it’s more favourable to choose a niche and achieving expertise on that topic. It will help you to create quality content. 
9. Make proper use of social media. Advertise your content on social media. Not only that helps with gaining readers but also attracts employers. Most of the successful content writers have a great following on social media.

10. How to earn

First option is to set up a website or blog of your own. Here you can post your stuff and once you start getting some traffic, you can sign up for Google Adsense.Affiliate marketing is also a good option. On the same website you can also add a hire me column, so that you can get some employers. On this website, you can also sell your own stuff, like if your blog is tech related, you can sell some course or guide. For these reasons, setting up an website for a content writer is the most awesome option.
Second option is, working as a freelancer. There are some sites, like fiverr, truelancer or Freelancer, where you can setup your profile. They are totally beginner friendly. There, you’ll find employers, who’ll pay you to write for them. Here you don’t have to set up a website or invest anything. The payment process is also smooth enough.
Besides these two options there are some websites always looking for guest posts. Some of them are Cracked.com and whatculture.com
Conclusion :
Even if content writing is not that tough to learn, it takes some patience. In the beginning, it may appear complicated but keep going on. Look around yourself for motivation and learn from the work of others. 

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