Top 30 facts About Snapchat – you will never know this


Snapchat has covered an extremely long route from its start in 2011. Dismissed by more elder individuals and grasped by the more youthful ages, it’s currently one of the most significant online social media platforms. From the people to brands, Snapchat has something to offer everybody. 

To assist you with comprehending Snapchat’s place on the planet, we’ve assembled the accompanying facts about Snapchat.

In this article you will learn “Top 30 Amazing Facts About Snapchat”:

1. Snapchat was initially called Picaboo and was propelled on July 8, 2011. 

2. It was rebranded to Snapchat in September the exact year.

3. By May 2012 the application is handling 25 pictures per second. By Nov 2013, it’s 4500 every second.

4. In October 2014, Snapchat begins serving advertisements to        clients. 

5. Snapchat opens up to the world in Walk 2017, raising $3.4m. 

6. The organization as of now utilizes over 3k individuals. 

7. In May 2018, unskippable advertisements were acquainted with the stage.

8. Sports clothing brands are well on the way to be on Snapchat. Travel marks the least.

9. Non-legislative associations utilize the most (13) snaps in their accounts, while food and drink brands utilize the least (4).

10. 57% of brand content on Snapchat is video. 

11. Of individuals who see one snap from a brand story, 91% view the entire story.

12. With regards to advertisements, the three most famous brands are BuzzFeed, Fun times TV, and iHeartRadio. 

13. 64% of advertisers have a Snapchat account.

14. In the year 2016 alone around 90Million dollars were spent upon snap chat advertisements.

15. About 73% of U.S.A’s snapchat users are between the ages of 18 – 24.

16. The brand Taco Bell paid around 75,000 dollars for 24 hours of  Taco filter/ Advertisement.

17. About 61 % of Snapchat users are female.

18. A research says that more than 4 out 10 users get to know a new brand through posts and celeb-endorsements.

19. You must have seen a lot of vertical video ads but you would be surprised to know that snapchat is the one that introduced them for smartphone convenience.

20. Snapchat has a very high about 5 times the swipe-Up rate when compared to other social media platforms.

21. Toddler and Gender filter created a boom doubling it’s download after their launch.

22. Mark Zuckerberg offered as high as $3 billion to buy Snapchat.

23. Snapchat has a record of about 2.1 million snaps being shared every minute.

24. Snapchat’s share rose by around 200% in the year 2019, raising its value to 23.5 billion dollars.

25. Usage of snapchat is projected to grow more than 14% within this year.

26. In  2019, Snapchat produced $ 561 million in income, with increment of 44% year-over-year. 

27. Snapchat makes $2.57 Normal Income per Client in  2019. 

28. Snapchat’s biggest costs, beside finance, came in cloud worker costs Amazon AWS and Google Cloud assessing to $125-$150 million.


29. Snapchat’s overall publicizing income is $1.53 billion.

30. Time invested on premium content on Snapchat has developed over 55% universally.

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