My Token App Review: Real or Fake?

Disclaimer: This is an Honest My Token App Review: Is My Token App Real or Fake? by a Real Beta Tester. I have beta tested this App, therefore will give my honest take on that.

Here I will discuss such frequently asked questions like, what is My Token App?, Is My Token App is Real or Fake?, My Token Earning App is safe or not?, How does My Token App Works? and many more others.

Recently My Token App got lots of Eye-ball attention due to Its Big Promises. They claimed you can make daily profits by Investing some Tiny amounts in this App.

My Token App basically does Crypto Trading & Investing. You just need to invest some money & their automated robot will do all the heavy lifting for you & also make you daily profits.

The My Token App is giving 100% Guarantee returns on every penny invested. But is MyToken App Really Legit or Fake?

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My Token App Review: Is MyToken App Real or Fake?

Guys, let’s discuss Is MyToken App is Real or Fake? Should anybody make money from this by investing in crypto?

Well, My Token App is 80% Fake…why? They have already stolen lots of investments from people like you & me. But still, there are some people who make a good amount with the MyToken App.

But the intention of this software is to cheat as many people as they can by that they will make more money & run away.

I have read lots of bad reviews of the MyToken App, They provide zero support, zero refund & also sometimes your earning amount couldn’t be withdrawn.

This is not the first time when these people are doing such fraud, before this they have fraudulently cheated millions of people in the name of o2obk, ORich app, HPZToken, Jazz Bike App, Power Bank App, OMG Burse App, etc.

Still, I am shocked…Many YouTubers create positive reviews of the MyToken App. They claimed that they have already made thousands of dollars with this system & also recommended people to join this app.

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My Token App Review – PROS & CONS


->Beginners friendly App & No Tech skill needed.

->Many Real people make money from this system.

->They provide real ways to make profit from this app.

->Many High Subscribers YouTube channels claimed that they made a good amount from this app & also recommend it

Why Should You Avoid It?

  • Poorly created App, No Guarantee!
  • No information of the founder,
  • Registration details not found,
  • No complete work details,
  • I have read Lots of bad reviews online,
  • No official contact details available,
  • Hundreds of Complain online,
  • All certificates and proofs shown in app is fake,
  • No active social media Accounts,
  • Whatever is shown in this app is completely fake & nothing is working now
  • MyToken App offers a very lucrative plan. (Common trick used by fraudsters to trap others’ hard-earned money).

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Final Thoughts On MyToken App Review

Friends, Here my Honest My Token App Review is concluded; As I have already told you…MyToken App is a scam…it’s a fake app, don’t download or invest your money.

This type of Application launching on the app store to trap others. Firstly they offer lucrative plans to attract various users, after that they offer various plans and schemes to its users, and when users trust them and start referring and adding a large amount of money. Then the fraudster close the app and ran away with all money they have.

I highly don’t Recommend My Token App To Anyone, as it’s a fraud system. They only pay to few customers in the starting to market this app…After that they hold all your investments & earnings.

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