Launch Profitz Reviews – Real or Fake?

Disclaimer: This is an Honest Launchprofitz Review by a Real Beta Tester. I have beta-tested this App, therefore will give my honest take on that.

In the last few months, lots of people are searching for what is launchprofitz? Is LaunchProfitz real or Fake? How to earn money from Launchprofitz? etc, Here I will try to clear all your doubts in detail…

2months back I personally purchase the launchprofit course through of a youtube ad & within 1hr I got the access to launchprofitz course in my mail. Then my journey gets started…

What Is LaunchProfitz System?

LaunchProfitz is basically a training program on digital products affiliate marketing where you will learn how you can find high-demand digital products, create a golden page & rank on Google or Bing for earning amazing commission overnight.

The complete training will be in Hindi language, Step by step & very easy to understand. I think there is no experience required to understand this business model.

I think till now more than 3000 students purchased the launchprofitz course & honestly, this course really helps me in understand a new online business with lesser competition with more profits.

I have tried Bizgurukul & Leadsark but got nothing from their training program & they teach us Multilevel Marketing & I never recommend BIZGURUKUL, Leadsark.

How Much I Earned From LaunchProfitz?

After purchasing the course, I completed all lessons within 4 days & started implementing all the processes as per the instruction.

In the initial days, I got ZERO Results & after creating 6 to 7 golden pages finally I generate 3 affiliate sales within 1 day. I was so happy seriously!

Then I started creating so many golden pages & generated some good sales from them. I am putting my real earnings screenshot below.

launch profitz earning proof

I am not yet earned so much money from this system but still I am happy because I got the results after implementing it.

Till now I think more than 300+ students earned their first online dollar using the launchprofit system & I am one of them. I just want to say thank you Bishnu & Amit for this amazing opportunity.

Now I am very motivated & want to earn more money from this system. I have tried Blogging and Youtube but nothing worked for me. Thank God I got this really helpful online business.

What After Purchasing LaunchProfitz?

launch profitz

You will get login credentials after purchasing the course, you just need to log in & start watching training videos step by step.

They are actually teaching launch jacking affiliate strategy through which you can generate good results in very few days.

I highly Recommend Launchprofit course to all my readers who really want to make money online in India.


NOTE: This course is in Hindi language, if you’re comfortable with HINDI Language then I highly Recommend this course…

Bhawna Tripathi

2 thoughts on “Launch Profitz Reviews – Real or Fake?”

  1. Hi Bhawna,

    This is one of launchprofitz member. I have took the course very recently and started to watch it.

    Now I am stuck in taking decision on whether to buy Rank-on-Demand course or not. Because I heard that we need to invest like 20k or more to get 1st rank on google or bing. I can’t really invest that much money.

    Now I really need your honest opinion. Did you really invest on google ads for 20k? and so earned 70 dollar a month or you did without investing 20k?


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