Kuvera App Review: Is It Safe? Kuvera Vs Groww Vs Zerodha ?

Disclaimer: This is an Honest Kuvera App Review by a Real Beta Tester. I have beta-tested this App, therefore will give my honest take on that.

Are you looking for the Best Investment & trading App for 2022? Let me introducing Kuvera App, that helps you to invest your money in various Mutual Funds, SIP & Stock Market in one go.

Kuvera gives you amazing insider advise from top expert of mutual fund & stock marketing manager that helps you in your investment planning

Also Kuvera is very much beneficial for all the beginner inestor who don’t have any idea on Mutual Fund & Stock market, you will get recommended stocks & mutual funds according to your requirements.

Kuvera is one such investing app that currently controls a large portion of the Indian internet investment market. 

In this Kuvera App Review, we’ll look at the Kuvera app and see what it’s all about, how it’s used, and how it compares to other apps in this sector.

So let’s begin by finding out what Kuvera App actually is,

What Is Kuvera App

Kuvera, which was founded in Bengaluru in October 2017, is an investment app that serves as a platform for mutual funds, equities, and gold.

Kuvera is available only as an app and works with 38 of the 44 registered asset management businesses. In the previous three years, the app has gained 500k+ users while handling assets worth Rs 8000 crores.

Kuvera, which bills itself as an AI-led platform, claims that its target market consists of affluent and mature investors (over the age of 30) from the country’s leading metros.

Kuvera App Review

The Kuvera app has over 100,000 downloads on the Google Play Store and offers a plethora of features, benefits, and drawbacks. In this section, we look at the app’s review and discuss several key parameters.

Kuvera App Review – All FAQs Info

1]Is Kuvera App Legit?

While there are legitimate concerns about anything that differs from the usual method of doing things, the Kuvera app is not a scam. 

The app just acts as a conduit between mutual fund companies and users; it does not collect, retain, or trade customer funds 

While there are legitimate concerns about anything that differs from the usual method of doing things, the Kuvera app is not a scam. The app just acts as a conduit between mutual fund companies and users; it does not collect, retain, or trade customer funds.

2]Is it safe to use Kuvera App?

Yes, the Kuvera app is safe to use because it has been registered with SEBI, which adds to its authenticity. 

The Kuvera app encrypts user information and includes session timeouts, firewalls, and PIN unlock to protect the user account.

3]How do I use the Kuvera App?

The Kuvera app offers a straightforward user experience that is simple to grasp for new users. In general, the Kuvera app experience can be started by following the steps below:

-Profile creation: Set up your KYC by entering the necessary information such as your PAN, date of birth, mobile number, and so on.

-Choose an investment: To begin your financial adventure, choose between mutual funds, equity stocks, and gold.

-Choose your investment type: Place your order after choosing between SIP and one-time investment. You have the option of paying using a variety of payment methods (net banking, UPI, etc.)

-Additional features include: By clicking on the option in the same window, you can set goals or check any of the other aspects stated above.

4]Fees and Charges of Kuvera App

The Kuvera app is free and does not charge users any fees on their direct plans, regardless of asset size, and only charges transaction fees based on asset management businesses’ costs. 

The app also provides value-added services for which users can be charged on a per-purchase basis.

5]Kuvera’s App complaints

Complaints about the Kuvera app should be directed to the Kuvera support team via email, as noted above. 

The customer service team has a 24-hour turnaround time to respond to any user complaints.

Kuvera App Founder Details

kuvera app founder

GAURAV RASTOGI started Kuvera to change that and is on a mission to make the latest investment tools available to everyone. He also enjoys quoting dialogues from movies and playing soccer.

Kuvera App Vs Groww vs Zerodha Vs Paytm Money [Overview]

Kuvera vs. Groww

Both Kuvera & Groww are most trending mutual fund app & but in-terms of popularity & downloads Groww is the Real winner.

But interms of features Kuvera is the real winner, Kuvera App provides some of the unique features like Import portfolio, Smart Trade, Goal Setting, Best Fund Recommendataion & comparison, Tax harvesting etc…

Kuvera vs. Zerodha:

Despite having a significantly higher rating, the Kuvera app also has a slew of more features than Zerodha. These features include goal setting, which allows users to set targets for their investments, monitor external investments, and secure access to the app. This offers Kuvera an advantage against Zerodha.

Kuvera vs. Paytm Money: 

Both applications provide a diverse collection of features to appeal to a wide range of customers. 

While Paytm Money is more graphical and provides more information on the funds and equities a user desires to track, Kuvera’s goal-based investment, tax harvesting, and TradeSmart capabilities outperform Paytm and provide customers with greater value.

Kuvera App Review – [Is It Safe?] My Final Thoughts

Dear all “StartupInklings.com” Reader, I did my detailed research & give you my complete Honest & Real thoughts on Kuvera App Review!

The Kuvera app is by far one of the most feature-rich apps on the market right now. It performs better than most apps and simplifies your life by putting all of the features you require at your fingertips related mutual funds & stock market.

So, what are you holding out for? Begin investing right away with the Kuvera app. I highly Recommend It!

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