KubeCoin Review & Kube Coin Price: How To Buy Process

Disclaimer: This is an Honest KubeCoin Review by a Real Beta Tester. I have beta-tested this App, therefore will give my honest take on that.

This article will provide an in-depth Kubecoin review & Pricing including a description of the cryptocurrency’s purpose, token economy, roadmap, and development team. 

Additionally, we’ll talk about if Kubecoin is legitimate and where to get it.

So let’s start this article by knowing what Kubecoin actually is?

What is Kubecoin?

Kubecoin is a cryptocurrency based on the Cardano platform that was primarily developed to improve the leisure and tourism industries. 

The founders’ goal is to establish Kubecoin as a widely used medium of exchange for real-time, or real-world, tourism transactions. Additionally, the business raised 375.000 euros in December 2018.

The Kubecoin ticker symbol is -KUBE.

How to buy Kubecoin [Step By Step Process]

Kubecoin is not currently traded openly on any exchanges for cryptocurrencies. Therefore, you cannot purchase it right away.

However, as soon as it becomes available, we will update the entire instructions on how to get Kubecoin instantly.

Where to buy Kubecoin-

They can’t be bought by the general public right now.

Therefore, other than their ICO offering structure, you cannot currently purchase them anywhere. 

Users can purchase KUBE tokens using the smart contract address listed below starting on June 10. 

ICO expires in three days. Kubecoin now available for purchase at Binance, as expected.

Kubecoin contract : 362706e09f908e1470b90278cb50bcd834b4c2f8d489431a8965ddb84b756265436f696e

KUBE is created on Cardano: ADA blockchain platform to reduce higher gas fees & to increase security.

Now if you are reading this Kubecoin review then you must’ve noticed ‘ICO’ so what is it.

Kubecoin ICO-

If you want, you can still acquire Kubecoin tokens by taking part in their initial coin offering (ICO) if you want to invest in the cryptocurrency. The price per coin at the moment is €0.12.

Create an account on their official website, provide your KYC documentation, and only then will you be able to purchase Kubecoin tokens during the ICO. This will take place on June 10, 2022 at 9 AM. ICO will expire in 3 days.

Now the main part of our Kubecoin Review “Is it Legit Or Scam?”

Kubecoin is not a scam, as evidenced by the fact that its founders are real and have experience running a number of projects. 

It is also integrated with the Cardano blockchain, which increases security for Kubecoin.

Is kubecoin safe and protected?-

Kubocoin is safe since it was built on an extremely secure Cardano network.  Due to its integration with the Cardano blockchain, it is more secure and safe and spares Kube users from expensive gas costs.

Kubecoin Team-

The team of Kubecoin is very wide but some of their main faces are:

Paolo Della Pepa – CEO

Marc Parellada – CMO

Daniel Martin – CTO

Gemma Mengual – Team Leader

Milto, Cavz, Andrew – Ambassadors

Queen Floyd, Reckss- Moderators

Kubecoin Investors-

-Draper B1 made an investment of 150.000€ as a Human Venture Capital.

-Archipelago Next made an investment of 100.000€ as Venture Capital.

-Enisa made an investment of 125.000€ as a Public fund.

KubeCoin Review – Is It Safe Or Fake? My Final Verdict

Overall, the information about Kubecoin (KUBE) discussed above covered important topics like its price, market cap, and history. 

It also included instructions on how to purchase Kubecoin and sources from which to do so.

Through this kubecoin review, myths about kubocoin’s legitimacy and investment safety are also dispelled.

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