Jazz Bike app review 2021: Is it a scam or real?

In this blog, we will discuss, an online earning app Jazz Bike and will see Jazz bike app review 2021. We will also discuss in this post, whether it’s a scam or real?

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I know if you have landed here on its blog post you must be looking at what is jazz bike app? is jazz bike is really an online learning app? should I invest in a jazz bike app or not? is the jazz bike app is a scam or legit?

So don’t worry about all these, here I am going to discuss all these in detail and will make your confusion clear.

Note: make sure you read completely about the jazz bike app review 2021 to get answers to all your questions that are flooded in your mind.

Let’s get started.

What is Jazz Bike App?

The jazz bike earning app is on the buzz these days especially among the youngsters and getting viral these days.

Jazz bike app or website is claiming that you can earn a lot by simply investing amounts and referring to your friends.

As per their claims, I personally use this app and they are paying what they have claimed. I started using this app a week ago and along with my friends and so far so good with the Jazz Baike app.

Website is https://client.jazzbike.in

Note: There is negativity on youtube, saying that this app is not legit and some are saying that it’s a legit app and we can make money through it.

All people have a different opinion. To know more about the Jazz bike app, whether the jazz bike app is legit or not. I myself registered with this app and here I am sharing my experience.

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Jazz Bike app fake or scam?

There are some cons related to the Jazz bike app like:

  • Website is not proper
  • Registarrion details not found
  • No details of founders
  • Detals about investnmt is not proper
  • No office address

But apart from that, they have some pros as well like:

  • Contact support through whatsapp chat
  • Earning is real (for me)
  • Easy withdraw
  • No confusion in recharging. Instant payemt added in balance
  • Referall amount and bonus points awaredd are real and real time

How to make money with jazz bike app 2021?

Jazz bike app offers some great earning plans. You can earn money with a Jazz bike in 3 different ways.

1. Direct Revenue

When you invest 5500, on daily basis you will be earning Rs 348 or Rs 14.74 per hour.

This is the most popular plan that many users are buying and I suggest you do the same.

There are other plans as well like 500, 5500, 30000 and up to 10 lakh Rs.

Jazz Bike income

2. Team Revenue

This is among the major sources of earning by referring to your friends and family members.

When you refer someone using your ID, for 5500 buyers you will get 10 of his/her daily earning that is approx Rs 42 and it increases with the higher plan if you prefer.

Apart from the direct referral amount, you will get paid 8% of his/her daily income if your friend also refers to someone. This is valid till 3 tier referral.

There is a plan shown in the app which you can visit to know more about the commission you will going to get from there.

3. Redeemable points

When you refer someone you will get points that can be converted to rupees and a one-time joining bonus.

If you will join using my link, you will get Rs 230 + 50 points. Win-Win for both of us. But if you decided to start without my link, you will not get these bonuses.

Note: Don’t forget to collect your points. Just visit My >> Points and then extract your points from there and redeem your points into the main balance.

Note: Don’t forget to collect your points. Just visit My >> Points and then extract your points from there and redeem your points into the main balance.

How Jazz Bike Investment App Works?

Firstly click on this to visit the official app and after landing there, just verify your number with OTP sent on your mobile number.

Create your strong password and you are done.

Step 1: Now jazz bike app interface will open. Click on “recharge” and put the amount let’s say 5500 and pay using the payment link through UPI.

Step 2: After adding 5500 balance, just go to My section and purchase a charger of 500. It will deduct from your balance. Now your balance will have in your account left is 5000.

Step 3: Now, visit Home Section and you will see the option to “start revenue“. Tap there to start your earning.

Step 4: You can visit the points section to see whether 50 points are added to your account or not. You can redeem your point to your main balance.

And you are done.

After that, you will find a WhatsApp number in your profile, just message him and send him an ID and he will add your amount if in case not added.

That’s all. Now enjoy earning.

How to withdraw Money from Jazz Bike App?

Withdrawing money from a jazz bike is quite easier. For that go to the My section and then click on the settings tab. There you will find bank account details, put your account details like account number, IFSC code.

Make sure you add all the details correctly. When you will withdraw money from your account balance, it will automatically be credited to your bank account within 10 minutes.

If their issues arise, then you can contact them through the WhatsApp number available in your account.

Jazz Bike app review 2021

Conclusion: Jazz Bike app review 2021

This is not faulty as per my experience and my friends approx 20 who are using it.

Jazz Bike app review 2021

They all people are earning payment daily in their account and their referral amount as well. Even me too.

And most importantly, withdrawal is quite easy. Just add your bank details and you are good to withdraw your amount in your bank.

It will credit to your account within 10-15 minutes.

Hope you have found the jazz bike app review 2021 useful. Let’s see you earning a good amount from the jazz bike app very soon.

Note: Invest at your own risk and I would recommend you to withdraw on daily basis.

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