How to start drop servicing business In India 2022

How to start drop servicing business in India in 2022?

A drop service company is the one where the customer buys products from the entrepreneur’s website or e-commerce platform and they are shipped directly to the customer’s address. They buy services from third-party sites like Upwork or freelancer and then provide service to their clients.

The business of drop servicing is becoming more popular in recent years because it helps entrepreneurs avoid heavy investments in inventory, warehousing, and staff while getting access to a wider range of possible suppliers than they would have on their own. It also helps them launch new products without any upfront investment.

What is Drop servicing?

Drop servicing is the process of stopping the delivery of goods or services to a customer. It is an increasingly popular business strategy for companies that are suffering from financial setbacks.

The reasoning behind this decision may seem counterintuitive, but it could also work in the company’s favor. By discontinuing service to customers, companies can focus on their core business and can ultimately improve profitability.

Drop servicing is a common strategy used by many agencies. They drop their current clients for the sake of acquiring new ones. The process includes dropping all existing clients, which can be difficult to do, and then finding new clients with the same niche as the old ones.

Accepting the risk of giving up on a current client to get a new one is not always advisable. In some cases, it might be better for an agency to keep their current client instead of risking them for a new one that might not work out.

Drop servicing is a process that occurs when a business tries to sell a product or service and it turns out that there isn’t enough demand for the product.

Drop servicing is also known as discontinuing the product. A company may drop-serve a product for many reasons, including low demand, high costs of production, new competition, etc.

For many new e-commerce entrepreneurs, the first decision that they must make when starting their store is whether to operate as a drop servicing or an inventory-based retailer. Drop servicing generally has lower startup costs, but it also has various disadvantages compared to inventory-based retailing. 

Drop servicing doesn’t have any of the costs associated with storing merchandise in a warehouse, but they are also limited by the number of items that they can carry in their online store. This limitation can be problematic for drop servicing who carry niche products that are not widely distributed.

The same logic applies to well-established companies that are expanding into different markets. Instead of expanding into new territories, they can drop services in existing regions if their performance is suffering due to budget constraints or other factors.

When drop servicing is no longer an option, the company needs to find a replacement for their product.

Drop servicing is not always successful when moving to another supplier. This is because the customer might not be aware of all the benefits that come with switching to a new company to get their product in time.

The company should consider how they are going to inform their customers about this change, and what they will do for them not to experience any difficulties when it comes to getting their product.

Drop servicing is a business model that allows you to provide goods and services to end customers without the need for a physical store. The entrepreneurs that run such businesses get their products from wholesalers and sell them to customers.

How To start drop servicing business (Complete Steps)?

Anyone who has a bank account can start drop servicing business as there are no rules for this. You only have to find clients customers and deal with them. 

How much you can earn from the drop servicing business?

Drop service is a distribution service where the customer does not have to be present at the time of delivery.

Earning has no limit it depends on the clients and promotion of your services but surely early drop servicing is a profitable business. You can do drop servicing of products or build an agency through drop servicing.

How to start drop servicing business?

  1. Choose a service

First of all, you have to you decide which service you want to provide to the customers. Select a demanding and profitable service. The top five most profitable services are website development social media marketing content writing graphic designing and search engine optimization. By providing these services you can be able to get more customers and clients and increase your business sales. 

  1. Promote your services worldwide

Outsource your work on the platforms like fever Upwork, Toptal, and freelancer. Build a professional LinkedIn profile and let your audience know the specialty of your business. Regularly post your content on social media especially Instagram and Facebook.

  1. Create a sales funnel

Build a website and create a sales funnel where you can convert your visitors into clients and customers. To start with it open Facebook and Instagram accounts and run daily ads to reach route to your targeted audience. Search for a digital marketing agency and promote your services.


Drop servicing is a supply chain strategy aimed at providing the required products to customers as and when they need them.

To start a drop servicing business, you need to follow these steps:

1) Find a niche market

2) Create an online service

3) Search for customers and clients on Fiverr

4) Provide samples for clients

5) Once you have confirmed that your services are of good quality, start promoting your services with social media and other marketing techniques.

Drop servicing is a business model where one can sell services without stocking them.

The key to starting this business is to understand your customer’s needs and their buying patterns.

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