Grip Invest Review: Pros & Cons – Is It Safe?

Grip Invest Review 2022: Is Grip Invest Safe? [Good or Bad]: Dear Reader Welcome to My Portal “” Today I will going to discuss Grip App Review.

The grip is an investor-first, technology-driven, transparency-focused digital investment platform for curated non-market linked alternative investment opportunities across the entire risk-reward spectrum that best caters to an investor’s wealth creation.

Diversification of your investments across asset classes ensures that your investments are not reliant on the performance of a single type of financial instrument. 

As a result, when one asset class underperforms, investments in another asset class can keep your capital from depleting.

This is where I discovered Grip (GripInvest), a world of non-market linked investment opportunities that do not rely on the performance of the stock market.

So in this Grip Invest Review, we will try to figure out the features, risks, and rewards involved and whether it Grip Invest is Safe or Not.

Note: This Grip Invest Review is Not Sponsered at all…we provide information according to our own research & point of view. we are not endorsing any investment company here. My Audience is always the No1 priority. Before taking any action, you need to be confident about your decision.

What Is GripInvest?

The grip is an online investment company that employs technology to provide a smooth investing experience to all types of investors.

Grip’s philosophy is to prioritize the investor while curating risk-adjusted investment opportunities. With diversification at their core, these non-market linked investment opportunities aid in wealth creation for investors of all sizes.

Grip has also collaborated with over 70 corporate partners to create these investment opportunities after a rigorous due diligence process.

Grip simplifies and secures non-market linked investment opportunities. Here’s how I began using Grip:

Grip Invest Review – How You Can Invest?


I browsed their platform to look at the various investment opportunities. This included several non-market linked investment plans such as commercial real estate, asset-backed investor investments for corporate credit returns, and much more! 

What I liked best about the Grip platform was that I could see the key highlights of the investment, the underlying asset, and the estimated returns.

I could decide how much and where to invest. Grip made it very easy for me to understand the investment opportunities outside of gold and stocks.


and after that completed my KYC on the Grip platform in a quick and easy digital process, generating my e-sign to get started. 

With multiple payment options available, the payment process was also extremely smooth and hassle-free. 

I was now prepared to reap the benefits of my diversified portfolio with non-market-linked investment opportunities!


Following that, I invested in some fixed income earning instruments available on the Grip platform in order to receive a monthly return. You have the freedom to choose from a variety of investment options by understanding their risks and returns. 

The predetermined returns associated with my fixed income earning instruments arrived in my Grip Vault account on time. I could also receive these returns easily and directly in my bank account.

How Grip Invest App Makes money?

Grip generates income by charging a small commission from your Investments Return. (Only when you will make profits)

It currently charges a 2% commission on monthly returns distributed to investors. As a result, Grip is only paid when the investors are paid. (Win-Win Situation)

They also charge a 1% processing fee to their leasing partners. This open model enables Grip to gain the trust of investors and select the best, most growth-oriented partners.

Before partnering with a corporate, Grip conducts a thorough due diligence process to ensure the safety of the investments. Another aspect of the Grip platform that I appreciated was its emphasis on transparency with investors.

They provided comprehensive information for each investment opportunity they created. This helps investors understand the product before investing in it, rather than focusing solely on the returns.

Each collaborator has a profile, and the risks, commercial terms, and so on are highlighted to the investors before they decide to invest.

Non-market-linked investment opportunities are relatively new, and maintaining complete transparency goes a long way toward establishing investor trust.

What Are The Risks And Rewards Involved-

Risks Involved-

Each platform has its own set of risks. The lack of regulations and apparent lack of information about non-market linked investment opportunities may pose the greatest risk.

Other risks include those associated with specific products. Take, for example, 

❎leasing. If I invest in a lease through Grip, my funds are combined with those of other investors to purchase an asset such as furniture, vehicles, or equipment, which is then leased to businesses.

❎The threat here is that the company does not make the lease payments on time, or that the asset cannot be recovered and sold to generate residual value.

❎Startup investments are high-risk and high-reward, depending on the startup’s performance. Because non-market linked investment opportunities rely on the underlying asset’s performance for returns, the risk is high and unregulated.

❎Furthermore, when you agree to invest in startup equity through Grip, you agree to invest a total of INR 25,00,000 over a 5-year period beginning with the first investment.

Before making any investment, I strongly advise you to read all of Grip’s terms and conditions.

Rewards Involved-

The following is a summary of the various advantages of investing with Grip: 

✅They carefully examine assets before accepting investments from us.

✅They fully disclose the risks and rewards and assist in imparting knowledge of how the investment will work.

✅They partner with credible companies to provide investors with safe and stable returns, and they disclose company profiles to investors.

✅My investments are treated as a separate entity, with no other funds thrown in. This allows me to keep track of where my money is going.

✅Their extremely user-friendly platform makes investing a breeze.

✅They promise to keep data such as PAN and Aadhaar (which are required for KYC) completely secure.

How Grip Is Different?

SEBI regulates Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs), which are divided into three categories, each with its own set of rules to follow.

The minimum investment required to invest in an AIF is Rs. 1 crore, limiting small-ticket investors’ access to this high-risk instrument.

Grip entered the market as an alternative investment platform, offering one-of-a-kind investment opportunities. Its goal was to ensure that all types of investors could participate.

Grip collaborates with SEBI-registered AIFs to assist profitable startups in raising capital. Mukunda Foods, a food robotics startup funded by Zomato, was one of the first opportunities available on the Grip platform.

Grip, which claims to have a 2.5 lakh investor pool, allows small ticket investors to participate in the growing startup ecosystem alongside sophisticated investors, something that AIFs cannot do on their own.

Grip Invest Review – Is It Safe? [Honest Opinion]

Now let’s discuss my final verdict on this Grip Invest Review, Grip Invest Real or Fake? Well to be honest my answer is 100% genuine app.

Grip’s track to date does not include a single default, despite user investments totaling over 26 crores. They carefully select companies after a rigorous due diligence process to reduce the likelihood of default.

Furthermore, they plan their investments so that a security deposit of 7.5%-15% of the lease is required.

One of the most significant advantages of Grip is its ability to access non-market-linked investment opportunities and provide access to investors of all types.

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I always wanted to help my audience with my Honest Information & detailed Review. I Appreciate it if you will contribute your experience in the comment section.

Always remember! we never promote any kind of Investments apps that promise higher returns, but GripInvest is a Real app Not a fraud, Try at your Own Risk!

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