Golden Idea App Review: Real Or Fake?

Golden App Review

Dear Reader, Welcome To “Startupinklings” Today I am going to discuss Golden Idea App Review.

I know you have some questions about Golden Idea App, such as what is Golden Idea App?, Is Win Golden Idea App Real or Fake? , Is Golden Idea App provides Refer & earn, Golden Idea is safe or not?, how do Golden Idea App Works? and many more.

Well, without any further ado let’s discuss Golden Idea App Review & How you can invest money through this app.

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So without any further ado. Let’s get to know what exactly Golden Idea App Is?

Golden Idea Earning app is a new earning app that claims to create income opportunities by earning news articles and referring new users to it. You will receive 200 rupees instantly in your Golden Idea App wallet once you sign up for this app using your mobile number. 

If you read a news article in this app, you’ll be credited 5 rupees. There’s also the option to earn money by referring others to the app. You can find more information about that here. According to user reviews, nobody has actually received the money into their account. This is something you need to know before you decide to install. Continue reading to find out what you should know.

  • An app and website that are poorly designed,
  • The owner and founder of the company are unknown,
  • Details of registration cannot be found,
  • The contact information is not proper,
  • Details of the entire work cannot be found,
  • Unfortunately, we could not find their address,
  • Everything shown or told in the app is a fake,
  • Inactive social media accounts, no active websites, and many more.

It is not recommended that you make money online using Golden Idea App, avoid it, and never share your personal information with them.

The purpose of these applications is to trap other users. They offer lucrative plans to attract users first and then have a range of plans and schemes you can select from, and once you trust them and start referring, they add large amounts of money. The fraudster immediately closed the app and fled with all of their money.

Thus, there is no guarantee of receiving a return from that kind of App.

Applications and websites of this type are designed to trap others. The first thing they do is offer lucrative subscription plans to attract various users, after that they offer different plans and schemes to their users, and when users begin to trust them, they start referring and adding large amounts of money to their account. In the end, the fraudster closes the app with all the money they have.

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Golden Idea App Review: Scam Or legit?

The app is a scam. In this app, they promise to give you money if you read the news. After completing the reading news, you’ll receive money. You’ll receive it directly in your app wallet. 

To get the money credited to your bank account, you must deposit some amount as indicated by the app. After that, You will not be able to withdraw money from your bank account even after depositing a certain amount into the app. 

Fraudulent applications often use this trick to trap victims. In the final step, you will be given reasons to escape by withdrawing, such as GST or Taxation issues. 

Cyber Crime Department can be contacted online for any money laundering or fraudulent application.

Golden Idea App Review: FAQs

What is the Golden Idea Earning app withdrawal process?

You will need to deposit a certain amount in order to withdraw your earnings from the fraudulent app. It is strongly recommended that you do not invest money in it. 

Can you tell me the customer service number for Golden Idea earning app?

It is not known what the customer service number is

For signing up, how much money will be deposited into the golden idea app wallet?

There will be a credit of 200 rupees credited to your app wallet. It’s a dummy amount that’s meant to fool you. 

What is the best way to check whether a golden idea app is real or fake?

You can find out if the Earning App is real or fake by viewing the information of the founders, the app registrants, and by viewing the user reviews on You can check my website for genuine reviews concerning fraudulent apps.

Final Note On Golden Idea App:

Golden Idea App should not be used to make money online, stay away from it and do not share your information with them.

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