Fiverr Vs Freelancer Vs Upwork Vs Guru (Which one is Best?)

Guys, let’s compare Fiverr Vs Freelancer Vs Upwork Vs Guru. So which one is the best freelancing site to make money online? Let’s discuss.

As we all know, Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer, and guru 4 are well known as the leading marketplace for freelancers, but which is the best among them?

That’s why to sort out this problem in this article, I am going to give a detailed comparison about Fiverr vs Upwork vs freelancer vs guru.

Hence, without wasting any second let’s jump to our article.

First, let’s talk about Fiverr-

Actually, Fiverr is a business solution designed for teams.

It will enable you to connect with customers or clients of various business fields and niches.

You will work as a freelancer for your client whom you met on Fiverr then in exchange, they will pay you a certain amount of money.

If we see it from a customer’s point of view, then Fiverr will help you in Connecting to freelancers with proven business experience who can solve your problem for money.

Niches available in Fiverr- well in Fiverr various niches are available from which you can choose.

Some of the vital niches are described in the bellow-

1-graphic designing.

2-Digital marketing.

3-writing and translations.

4-video and animation.

5-audio and music.

6-programming and tech.

7-business and lifestyle.

8-data and analytics.

And many more.

Now, let’s discuss about some advantages of Fiverr in this comparison about Fiverr vs Upwork vs freelancer vs guru.


-The best for every budget-

On Fiverr, you can find high-quality services at every price point. And the pricing is based on the project, not on an hour which is a good thing.

-Quality work done quickly-

From the perspective of a client or customer, this is a good feature because the works are done quickly.

-Protected payments, every time-

The payment details in Fiverr is A

always available to you.

You will know automatically what you’ll pay upfront. Your payment isn’t released until you approve the project or work and yes these payment gateways are highly protected.

-24 × 7 customer support – 

Fiverr is giving you 24× 7 customer support so that if you are facing any kind of problem then the support team will sort that out in no time.

Now let’s talk about the second one which is Upwork.

Upwork- Upwork, formerly Elance-oDesk, is an American freelancing platform.

independent talent, and agencies around the globe. Where companies and freelancers work together in new ways on different projects.

The talents or niches available on Upwork are described below.

-Development & IT

-Design & Creative

-Finance & Accounting

-Sales & Marketing

-Engineering & Architecture

-Writing & Translation


-admin and customer support etc.

Advantages of Upwork-

-With the help of the upwork you can the skilled person you need

No matter how hard the project is.

-a qualified talent only-

With Upwork you can find actual talent rather than unqualified ones.

When you search Upwork’s talent profiles, you not only see work history, certifications, and skills assessments, you also see feedback from other clients, project ratings, and availability.

-experience details-

In the profile of every Upwork freelancer, you will find his experience and works or projects completed details.

This information will help you in ensuring that, whether the freelancer can do the project efficiently or not.

-the other benefits of using Upwork are described in the bellow-

1- 24×7 customer support.

2- multiple hiring options.

3- Upwork’s work diary to know the actual hours worked.

4- you are backed by payment protection etc.

Now let’s talk about our third competitor which is known as freelancer.

Freelancer – now freelancer is a platform that allows you to 

Hire the best freelancers for any job, online. 

Millions of people use to turn their ideas into reality and this platform is very versatile as well.

The niches or fields which are provided by are written below.

Freelancer provides a wide range of 1800 categories, however, the following are the most searched.


-Web design

-Graphic design

-website design

-mobile apps

-android apps

-ios apps


-logo design and many more

Now let’s talk about some benefits of the

-browse portfolio-

No need to blindly trust a person because freelancer provides you to browse the portfolio of every freelance worker.

It allows you to find professionals you can trust by browsing their samples of previous work and reading their profile reviews.

-Fast bids-

The is so famous that it generally Receives obligation-free quotes from their talented freelancers fast. 

80% of their projects get bid on within 60 seconds.

And with this information, you can assume that how potential their freelance professionals are.

-quality work- 

The work quality provided by the professionals of freelancers is top-notch. has by far the largest pool of quality freelancers globally- over 50 million to choose from.

-track progress- 

Freelancer allows you to track the work of a professional you hired on the respective platform.

It has a feature that will enable you to keep up-to-date and on the go with their time tracker and mobile app. 

You can Always know what freelancers are up to.

Now let’s talk about our last competitor in this Fiverr vs Upwork vs freelancer vs guru detailed comparison.


Now guru is a platform at which you can find expert freelancers from every niche or field in no time.

It allows you to find Work with the best freelance talent from around the world on their secure, flexible, and cost-effective platform.

Now let’s talk about the fields upon which works or projects are available on Guru.

-programming and development

-Design & Art

-Writing & Translation

-Administrative & Secretarial

-Sales & Marketing

-Business & Finance

-Engineering & Architecture


Now let’s talk about the advantages of guru

-99% customer satisfaction rate-

Well, the guru has incredible goodwill when it comes to customer satisfaction.

-payment to freelancers-

Guru has already paid 250 million dollars to its freelancer’s worldwide wide which is a huge amount and enough to create trust in the guru

-well known-

Guru is very known when it comes to the employer.

It has like 8,00,000 employers worldwide along with a 99% customer satisfaction rate.

-other benefits of using Guru-

A- secured

B- credibility

C- 24 × 7 customer support

D- value for money.

Now let’s jump to the comparison of this Fiverr vs Upwork vs freelancer vs guru

In this part, i am going to decide which is best actually

1-Fiverr- well, Fiverr is good for those freelancers who are completely newbies or beginners and possess fewer skills.

Fiverr is filled with lots of customers and let me tell you that if you have some skills in SEO, LINK BUILDING, AND OTHER DESIGNING PROJECTS then you can get small initial projects of 5 to 10 $.

2-Freelancers and Upwork-

Well, freelancers and Upwork are filled with corporate clients and some high-value clients, and getting those clients is a bit hard.

So if you are a freelancer with good skills and want premium clients to earn high income then these two platforms are best.

3- Guru- Guru is the combination of both Fiverr and freelancer and Upwork.

It is filled with both high-value clients and moderate-value clients.

And suitable for those who are in the middle stage.

Conclusion On Fiverr Vs Freelancer Vs Upwork Vs Guru

My only recommendation is that if you want to start your freelancer and have a little experience and a newbie then Fiverr will be great for you.

And if you are an expert or have some great skills and want to complete projects with high value and handle premium clients then Upwork and the freelancer will be best for you.

But these 4 platforms are free to open and you can try these out to get an experience.

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