How I got the first project on in 2021? (top secret)

Would you like to know, how I got my first project on the truelancer website? Then you are in the right place.

Although getting the first project on any freelancing platform such as is not rocket science but obviously a big deal itself.

If you are brand new to or any other freelancing platforms like this and haven’t got any projects yet then this blog is specially for you.

In this blog, I will provide you with detailed info about how to get the first project in

Remember! you are underestimated in the beginning because you don’t have any rating at that time.

But don’t be panic at that moment and always remember that patience is key to success. You have to follow these simple steps in order to get the first project in :

  1. Bid on simple projects
  2. Keep bidding
  3. Show portfolios
  4. Use proper spelling and grammar
  5. Bid the lowest amount
  6. Blog
  7. Use social media

Tips to get the first project on truelancer 2021

Here are some tips that you should follow to get your first project on truelancer easily in 2021.

1. Bid on simple projects

If you will bid on the tough projects without any prior experiences , it would be difficult for a client to trust you.

Anyhow if you get the project but you are not able to do it then it would be a very bad start.

So that always start bidding for simple projects like proofreading, typing, simple video editing, photo editing, voice over , content writing etc.

It will be easy for you to get accepted by the clients in such projects.

2. Keep bidding:

You may not get projects in your first, second or third bid. However, imagine a scenario where you are not getting ventures even after your 20th,40th or 60th offers?

Don’t panic! Keep bidding! , It’s normal that you are not getting projects in your starting days. On you can bid on 20 projects per month in your basic membership.

It means you can bid on 20 projects per month completely free. Even I  have got my first project after 2 months, it means I send around 30-40 proposals to get my first project.

So keep on bidding!!

3. Build portfolio:

Building a portfolio is the most important factor you will need as a freelancer.

Not just for getting approved but also for completing the project successfully, you need to make your portfolio stronger. Making a portfolio is simple!

For eg: you can edit a simple video and post it to your YouTube channel OR write blog articles and post it to a blog website OR even build your own website.

Build the portfolio in any niche that you are interested in, It will make you more confident while placing bids and doing projects too. 

4. Show portfolios:

If you are brand new in and don’t have any ratings yet, don’t panic. 

Build some portfolios related to your niche and then show them to your clients while sending proposals. It will give you some additional push to get your first project easily.

My first project was a video editing task and I got that project only after showing my YouTube channel where I had already edited videos.

5. Use proper spelling and grammar

What if you are bidding on a project related to content writing and you are using wrong spelling and grammar on the proposal?

Obviously no one accepts you on that project, right? You must use proper spelling and grammar while bidding, as it will reflect your ability and proposal will look more professional .

It will increase the chance of your proposal being accepted by the client.

6. Bid the lowest amount

Bidding the lowest amount will increase your chance being accepted by the client.

After the successful completion of some projects, you can increase the rate.

7. Blog

You can mention your ability in the about us section of your blog and let people know that you are working as a freelancer.

It will increase the ability of getting projects.

8. Use social media

 There are a lot of people who are converting their followers into the potential clients just by using social media.

This is the era of social media, don’t ignore it’s power !.

You can use social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and linked in and get your first project from there.

For that, you can simply mention yourself as a freelancer and add your Truelancer profile link in the bio.

That’s the end of this blog. Hope this article will help you in getting the first project in or any other freelancing platforms like this.

Thanks for reading.

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