Top 30 Amazing Unknown Facts About Facebook


Facebook, a social networking site created by Student from Harvard University and it’s present CEO “Mark Zuckerberg” in the year 2004 which made the earth a global town. And it’s growing popularity can be seen since then which has given it the title “Social Networking Giant”.

And as all of us would expect it has quite a fascinating story and many trivia facts that might be surprising for you. Therefore we are here with some facts about Facebook you can share with your friends to amaze them and get to know what innovations could be expected from Mark Zuckerberg in the future.

1.The name decided by Mark Zuckerberg primarily was Facemash which you can also call as Facebook’s  predecessor.

2.When Facebook was first developed by Mark Zuckerberg in his second year of college , it was just a “hot or not” game for the students of Harvard.

3.Facebook faced a lot of legal troubles in it’s early days so much that due to a case Mark was about to end it’s mark from web.

4. Since 2012, it has spent well over $22.4 billion purchasing contenders, for example, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus.

5.Mark Zuckerberg’s compensation is just $1 every year which isn’t generally an issue when your total assets are over $55.6 billion.

6.An average user likes about 10 posts, comments on 4 posts and clicks on 8 advertisements in a month.

7. A huge total of more than 250 billion photos have been uploaded on Facebook which equates to a count of 350 million photos uploaded per day.

8.Facebook generates a sum of 4 new petabytes of data each day. All it’s data is stored it’s data warehouse named Hive.

9.Users generated an astounding no. Of 4 million likes every minute.

10.Facebook sees around 100 million hours of daily watch time on it’s videos.

11.Facebook’s 80% advertisement  revenue comes from smartphones’ advertisements.

12.It has around 60 million business pages and that’s why it’s still one of the best websites to build business relations and links .

13.A massive total of more than 2 billion people can be reached through Facebook ads .

14. Albeit 75% of brands will pay to advance posts. 

15.Facebook guaranteed 19% of the $70 billion spent on versatile publicizing worldwide in 2015.

16.About 49% of users on it like a Facebook page to help a brand they like. 

17.40% of clients don’t care for any brand pages which directs us towards the fact paid adverts are the best way to contact them. 

18.Recordings gain the most noteworthy pace of commitment, notwithstanding just creation up 3% of substance.

19. Consistently there are around 20,000 individuals on Facebook. This implies in about 19 minutes there are 11-12 million clients on Facebook.

20.Every ten minutes about 100,000 friend requests are made on Facebook.

21. Clients go through 21 minutes out of each day on normal on Facebook.

22.Around 31% of US senior residents are on Facebook. 

23.It was founded 66% of all recent college grads (between the age of 14 and 34) use Facebook.

24.Individuals go through 927 million hours a month playing Facebook games.

25.There are 1 billion mobile application joins linked with Facebook


26. There were 52,554 full-time workers at Facebook, as of research done in June 30, 2020. 

27.Facebook was the one that introduced some  words like “friending” to the dictionary.

28. Some Facebook representatives recently staged a virtual walkout to protest against  Zuckerberg’s choice not to make a move on a progression of questionable posts from U.S President Donald Trump. 

29. There are an expected 81 million phony Facebook profiles. 

30.The most mainstream page is the Facebook’s primary page with 213 Million preferences. Samsung are second with 159 Million, while Cristiano Ronaldo is third with 122 Million

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