Earn 500 Paytm cash instantly Daily 2023- 100% Guarantee!

Do You Really Want to Earn 500 Paytm Cash Instantly without investments 2023 daily? Let me show you some amazing tricks & some secret apps to make that easy for you…

Do You Know there are thousands or even lakhs of Paytm money-making apps available on the play store that can help you to earn 500 Paytm cash instantly on daily basis…

[Note: Paytm Earning Apps & other earning apps are real but it’s not an evergreen money-making strategy & you can’t make huge money or set up your business out of it. For Legitimate & long-term online businesses I Recommend you learn Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Video Creation & other digital marketing methods.]

REMEMBER, Still, You Can make decent Pocket Money like 2k to 5k or 10k per month using some Paytm earning apps & some refer & earn apps. (So, Read My Complete Blog to Find out How to Earn 500 Paytm Cash Instantly without any investment)

I can give you a %100 Guarantee, after reading this article you can able to make 500 or 1000 Paytm cash instantly & remember you need to try all the apps. Well, let’s get started…

How To Earn 500 Paytm Cash Instantly Daily Without Investment [22 Proven Apps]

1-WinZo Paytm Earning App:

WinZo is home to India’s largest real cash-earning games for both professional and novice players. Play and win daily money-earning games, select from over 70 options, and compete against 3 crore other players.

WinZo | Advantages

-Number one social gaming app in India

-Earn PayTM cash on a regular basis by playing 70+ games.

-Play fantasy sports, rummy poker, snake rush, knife up, and other games.

2-RozDhan App for Cash Earning:-

In India, RozDhan is well-known Paytm cash earning app. We can use this app to download videos, play games, refer friends, watch videos, and so on. There are two ways to earn Paytm cash using the RozDhan app. We can earn money by either playing games, watching videos, or referring friends.

RozDhan recently added a new feature to this app. 

In this app, you can now read trending articles as well as watch videos. 

You will receive $25 if you refer your friends to download RozDhan. You can deposit your earnings into your Paytm wallet.

3-OneCode App:

Onecode is the best Paytm earning app in India that does not require any investment. Which is regarded as one of the tops Paytm earning apps with proof of 2022. This app is free to download from the Google Play store.

The OneCode app has quite good reviews on the play store “4.8+,” which means that many people have already started earning money from the OneCode app without any investment, including myself (you can see proof of my earnings from onecode here), and now is your chance.


-OneCode is associated with a number of well-known brands, including 1mg, bewakoof, teSTbook, Dineout, and others.

-Recommend services or products to your friends or customers, and when they use your code, you will receive free Paytm cash worth $200-1500.

3-GameZop Earning App:

GameZop is another Paytm earning app for those who want to compete in tournaments while earning money. You can make money by playing games against other people and defeating them.

Users can play over 250+ HTML games on Gamezop without having to download them. Gamezop has been featured in a number of well-known magazines, including Forbes, Economic Times, Yahoo, and Outlook Business.


-Play games to earn money ranging from $1,000 to $10,000.

-Make your own Tournaments and earn between 5% and 10% commission.

-Withdraw your money to Paytm or use it to recharge your phone.

Enter daily big contests for 2 and win Mega prizes like 15,000 rupees.

4-GALO Earning App:-

In hard times this can be your best friend. This app allows you to both kill time and earns money. The GALO app gives you 50 for free the first time you download it. You can quickly withdraw money from the app and deposit it into your Paytm account.

So, if you’re looking for a self-employment app to earn Paytm cash, GALO may be the best app to win Paytm cash for free.


-Earn up to 240 Paytm cash by referring friends.

-Earn $200-300 per day by playing games.

-Spin the wheel to win up to 100 Paytm cash.

5-Money Ball:-

Money Ball is a new earning app, but it’s a great way to earn Paytm cash in 2022. In this app, you must play a simple game of breaking bricks with the ball and completing the level.

By completing each level, you will earn coins based on your performance, which you can then exchange for PayPal cash or Paytm cash. Remember that 15000 coins equal 50, so the more you play, the more you win.


-Watch videos to earn x4 coins.

-After each level, you will be given a free spin.

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6-Get Mega App:-

It is a new earning app on the market, but it has a high earning potential because new apps always pay more money. The application’s interface is user-friendly, and users can participate in various games and contests to earn real Paytm cash.

The App will request access to your location. You cannot play this game if you are from Odisha, Assam, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, Nagaland, or Telangana, so make sure to provide location access.


-Play games like Gk Quiz, 123, Pic Me, Carrom, Go Pool, Warship, and many more.

-Playing games can earn you up to 1000-2000 Paytm cash.

7-Frizza App:-

Frizza is a Paytm earning app that allows you to earn real Paytm cash. The best part about this app is that you not only get Paytm cash every day, but you can also earn rewards and new offers.

Users must download apps to earn Paytm cash or complete other tasks such as signing up, watching videos, and so on.


-Complete To earn more than 23 Paytm cash, complete daily tasks on the offer wall.

-Refer a friend and receive unlimited rewards and up to $1,000.

-Play various games to win 100-200 Paytm cash in an instant.

8-InterVideo App:-

InterVideo is an app that allows you to watch videos while earning free Paytm cash. Yes, Intervideo gives Paytm money for simply watching videos.

The application is available for free download. Intervideo also gives you the opportunity to win the lottery and other prizes.


-Watch daily videos to earn free Paytm money.

-Invite your friends and you could win up to $100.

-To win coins, complete daily challenges.

9-Task Bucks App:-

If you want to earn money while also learning, this is the best Paytm earning app for you. You can earn Paytm cash by answering quizzes and completing daily tasks with Task Bucks. You will receive coins for each win.


-Completing free digital tasks can earn you between $100 and $500 in Paytm cash.

-Earn money by taking the quiz.

Play games to earn Paytm cash bonuses.

10-InterMiles App:-

If you enjoy shopping online but lack the financial means to do so. Don’t worry, because the InteMiles App has just solved your problem.

You can earn coins, also known as Miles, in the InterMiles App. These Miles can be used or redeemed for flights, online shopping, fuel, and hotel reservations.

You can earn points for using the Miles app to make purchases on any website, and those points can be redeemed.


-Earn coins and exchange them for offers and services.

-To earn more coins, spin the wheel.

Redeem coins for flights, hotels, or vouchers from Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Tata Cliq, Uber, and other retailers.

11-MoneyBhai App:-

You can win money with Moneybhai at any time and from any location. Moneybhai allows you to earn Paytm cash while you’re on the go. It allows you to withdraw your coins and deposit them into your Paytm wallet. It is extremely simple to use, and many people are already earning money with it.


-Earn Paytm cash by reading the news.

-Watch videos to earn Paytm cash.

12-Indian Music Player App:-

Have you ever considered earning Paytm cash by listening to music? Yes, it is feasible. The Indian music player is extremely smooth and simple to use. You can also choose any song to be your ringtone.

If you want to earn 100-150 Paytm cash daily for free, the Indian music player is the app for you.

The Indian music player app also allows you to take surveys and earn free Paytm cash.


-Take short surveys to earn 5000+ coins in a matter of minutes.

-Daily prizes for free quizzes

Earn coupons and use them to get Paytm cash.

13-FutWork App:-

If you’re looking for simple ways to make money. Futwork is your next venture. You can easily sign up for Futwork and apply for various companies’ short-term projects.

You not only get money in your Paytm wallet, but you also gain skills and experience working with various companies. Which can be extremely beneficial to your future career success.

You don’t need any specialized knowledge or skills. If you are passionate about your job, this app will help you tremendously.

Simply choose the work that best suits your time and abilities. Begin working from home on your own schedule. This, in my opinion, is the most reliable Paytm earning app for you.


-Complete daily projects posted by businesses and earn 1000-2000 Paytm cash.


Why is this the most effective Paytm earning app? Because TopQuiz allows you to win more than 10,000 Paytm cash. The game is quite simple. To win real money, you must provide correct answers on various topics.

You can take quizzes on a variety of topics, such as

Cricket test

Bollywood trivia

Quiz on India

Quiz on basic math and more.


-Play the quiz and earn between 1-100 Paytm cash.

-Play the mega quiz to win $1,000 or more in Paytm money.

15-Qureka App:-

You can earn Paytm money by playing various quiz games on Qureka. From 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Qureka offers a live quiz every 30 minutes. The live quiz is offered in both Hindi and English.

Are you aware that Qureka is the best Paytm earning app? because the Qureka app allows you to win up to 2,000 Paytm cash every day for free.

You will have 10 seconds to respond to each question. The person who has the correct answers until the end will win.

Some of the quizzes available on Qureka include:

Cricket Test (IPL quiz, cricket world cup quiz, Indian cricketers quiz, and more. )

Quiz for Exam Preparation ( UPSC exam quiz, SSC exam quiz, Bank PO quiz, etc.)


-Play quiz and win 10,000 coins.

-Watch videos and earn 10 coins per video.

16-CashBite Software:-

With the CashBite app, you can earn free wallet cash. You can earn money by taking a live quiz, inviting friends, and playing games.

CashBite claims that top-ranked users earn more than $10,000 into their Paytm accounts. As a result, it’s an excellent Paytm earning app for filling your wallet.


-Completing daily offers will earn you between $100 and $200 in Paytm cash.

-Take the quiz

Playing games can earn you rewards.


You can use PayBox to transfer money to your Paytm account or get free recharges. You can redeem a minimum of Rs.50 and a maximum of Rs.75 per day.

Paybox posts polls every day, and if your vote is the most popular, you will receive Paytm cash instantly.

To ensure that you are earning, you must keep the app up to date so that you do not miss out on any earning opportunities.


-Win money by playing games.

-Create your own polls and earn 20 on your Paytm every day.


You can earn money from the CashNGifts application if you know how to solve basic math problems like (9+5).

The app is free to download, and in my opinion, it’s the best Paytm earning app because it doesn’t charge anything and you can get rewards other than cash in your Paytm wallets, such as Amazon and Flipkart vouchers.


-Win 200 points by playing 100 games.

-Win 100 points by spinning the wheel.

-Solve simple math problems to earn 75 points.

19-Plaisa Pro App:-

Plaisa Pro is a top Paytm earning app that allows you to win Rs.400 just by referring ten friends. You can play a variety of games and earn a lot more Paytm cash. You can get your money into your Paytm wallet right away.


-Win 15-40 per game by playing games.

-A minimum withdrawal of ten dollars is required.

-Refer ten friends and earn 400 Paytm cash.


TapTap.GG allows you to play games and receive money into your Paytm account. You will receive Rs20 for signing up, which you can use to play games on TapTap.GG. You can only withdraw a maximum of Rs.100 per day.

How to Earn Money with TapTap

-To begin, go to TapTap’s official website and enter your mobile number.

-You will receive a verification code on the same phone number you used.

-To get the application, enter the verification code on the same website.

-Sign up and begin playing games to earn money.

21-Google Opinion Rewards:-

Google Opinion Rewards is a survey program that is available as an Android or iPhone mobile app. Users of this app can earn rewards by answering surveys.

How do I earn money with the Google Opinion Rewards app?

-Install the “Google Opinion Rewards” app and answer a few questions about yourself. Google will then send you a survey once a week, on average.

-When a short and relevant survey is ready for you, you will receive a notification on your phone, and Google may reward you with up to $32.20 in play credit for completing it.

22-MX player Games:-

You may have heard of the well-known video player MX Player. However, you can now earn money on MX Player by playing games and completing various tasks.

MX player is the most trustworthy app, with over 500 million downloads on the Play store and a “4.2” rating, making it the best Paytm earning app of 2022.

Users can play free games and earn Paytm cash by defeating other opponents and staying at the top of the tournament leaderboard.


-Earn up to 1000 Real Paytm cash by playing free games.

-Earn coins by watching videos and checking in on a daily basis.

-Coins can be converted into coupons.

Final Thoughts On How To Earn 500 Paytm Cash Instantly

Guys, I hope you got an excellent piece of Information regarding your query, about how to earn 500 Paytm cash instantly on daily basis.

I have tried to include every possible & easy way to make 500 or 1000 Paytm cash daily. Follow all these apps you will guarantee results.

But, Remember 1-thing! Earning regular income from this kind of app is not always possible. If you really want to make a sustainable income source online then I recommend you to learn some skills like Content Creation, SEO, Development, Marketing & Advertising, etc.

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