DeepWord Lifetime Deal Review: AI Video Creator

Note: This is an Honest DeepWord LifeTime Deal Review, here I will walk through the complete software & show you how it’s going to change the complete video creation game!

Without a question, realistic deepfake films aid in expanding outreach and engagement.

Today, we’ll look at a technology that can help you create a deep fake video in just 15 minutes.

“DeepWord” is the tool’s name.

So, let’s get down to business using DeepWord. And I will give the way to deepword lifetime deal which will get you big discounts and bonuses.

What Is DeepWord?

DeepWord is a tool that allows you to create customized deep fake videos for mass distribution. You may personalize and deliver videos to your contacts with DeepWord by linking them with your CRM.

With DeepWord you can create realistic videos of people talking without any actors or equipment. Just select or upload an actor and type or upload what you want them to say.

It also allows users to create synthetic clips of people speaking in several languages using text or audio files. With customized videos, this platform will greatly assist you in increasing your outreach and engagement.

Substitute for- synthesis users…

Suitable for With customized videos, sales and marketing teams may enhance outreach and engagement.

DeepWord Review – Complete Features Analysis

-Lifetime access to DeepWord Software

-All future Premium Account Plan updates

-No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that’s right for you

-You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase

-Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 5 license tiers

-GDPR compliant

-60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

Text to video

-25+ video actors

-Custom video actor upload

-Scaled video campaigns

-Video analytic tracking

-Custom audio upload

-API access

-MP4 downloads

-Custom domain share pages

-Fast processing time

-No DeepWord branding and add your logo

Now let’s move to the next part of our Deepword lifetime deal which is the steps you have to follow to create a video.

DeepWord Review – Complete Video Creation Process

So with the help of the deepword you can create a video with just simple steps-

1st step-Upload or Choose a Video

You can choose from DeepWord’s many various actor possibilities for all of your purposes, or create your own movie to make it more personal.

2nd step-Upload audio or write your own script.

Simply enter the script or submit an audio file with the lines you want your performer to say. DeepWord can handle any language you choose.

3rd Step- Quick Video Production

When you use DeepWord, your video will be ready in minutes.

Once the generation is complete, you can view, download, share, or translate it.

4th step- Customizing the Video Template

DeepWord lets you customize background graphics, tags, and more.

Your video share pages can be customized with your logos, colors, domain, and button links.

5th step- CRM Data Export

This platform allows you to return to your CRM with your personalized video links.

Simply send them out via email campaigns or sequences, LinkedIn, or any other CRM-supported means.

6th step- Make a Video Edit

Downloading videos for immediate use or adding additional visuals and audio via your favorite editing software is quite simple.

DeepWord’s digital team provides complete video production services.

7th step- Copy and paste your ad description

It’s simple to paste your listing description into DeepWord’s text-to-speech area.

You can also record yourself reading from your listing and upload it as an audio file.

8th step- Upload the Scene You Want

You can choose the video actor with whom you want to converse. You have the option of using one of our medical actors or supplying your own.

9th step- API

DeepWord has RESTful and Python APIs. They make it easier to integrate any application or database.

These APIs will assist you in personalizing movies for any of your contacts.

DeepWord’s Hyper-personalization features significantly improve user retention. This platform’s Sharing page expands the audience reach.

For the benefit of the users, the ability to submit your own actors without limit and modify the background with a green screen is also included.

Deepword LifeTime Deal Plans and Pricings

DeepWord has 2 regular plans with a Free plan in their regular pricing. The plans are.

Free Plan- DeepWord’s free plan includes 02:00 video minutes, text to video, all languages, 4 video actors, custom audio upload, and many other capabilities.

Premium Plan- $ 14.99 per month for the Premium plan.

This package includes features such as 4:00 video minutes, text to video, scaled video campaigns, all languages, 25+ video actors, and more.

Pay As You Go Plan: The cost of this plan is determined by the number of minutes you choose.

All of the other features are also included in this plan.

Deepword Lifetime Deal-

Appsumo charges $59.00 each month for 120 video minutes (instead of $396.00 for a lifetime subscription).

If you buy these 20 video minutes every month from DeepWord’s regular plan, you’ll have to pay $396.00, which is a lot more than the Appsumo offer price.

So, why will you pass up this fantastic opportunity?

Deepword Appsumo Lifetime Deal Features-

-Deal Highlights

-25+ video actors convert text to video

-Upload your own video actor

-Scalable video marketing campaigns

-Analytical video tracking

-API access for custom audio uploads

-Downloads in MP4

-Domain-specific share pages

-Processing time is short.

-Remove the DeepWord branding and replace it with your own.

Get extra bonus of 10%-

If you want to gain a 10% bonus on the DeepWord Lifetime Deal, just complete the steps below.

-Visit the page for the “DeepWord lifetime appsumo offer.”

-After a few seconds, a popup with a discount will appear.

-To access the unique advantages, enter your valid email address.

-Use the same valid email address as before.

-At the end, you’ll get a $10 discount.

Only new users are eligible for the discount.

Deepword Lifetime Deal Review – My Final Opinion

Dear “Startupinklings” Reader, I have shared a very useful Auto Real Face Video Creation Software deal called “DeepWord LifeTime Deal” You will get lifetime access to this software + free updates + free software Bonuses!

I have recently gone through DeepWord Software & its Lifetime deal, Finally, I can say it’s an amazing deep fake video creator for this new Video marketing Era, This Fantastic software is highly Recommended!

If You Really don’t want to create a Video with your own Face or if You face difficulty while creating a video for your brand or for your clients, then DeepWord is the Real Beast for You, don’t Miss it Grab it for $59 for Lifetime Access!

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