Daily Paytm Cash Earning Websites Without Investment 2022

My dear readers! I know you are looking for some daily Paytm cash earning websites without investment in 2022. By that, you can able to generate a small & decent side income source.

Who doesn’t want a second source of income? However, most of us do not have the time to work a second job. Sometimes we need to learn some skills to earn good money, but here I will give you a fantastic opportunity to make some decent side income.

Thankfully, it is now possible to earn 500 Paytm cash instantly. You can accomplish this by watching videos, making referrals, playing games, filling out survey forms, and doing other activities while on your daily commute or doing other chores.

In India, there are numerous free websites and apps for watching ads and earning money with Paytm. These Paytm-earning websites and apps collect money from advertisers such as Google Ads based on PPV or PPC and split a portion of the revenue with you. 

As a result, you can earn Paytm cash without making any investments and use it for day-to-day expenses.

I brought you the most authentic apps for earning Paytm cash for real. In India, you can try one or more of these self-employment apps for Paytm cash without any difficulty. 

Most of these daily Paytm cash-earning website apps do not even require you to install them on your device to use them. So without any time wasting let’s explore all these paytm cash websites in detail.

25 Top Daily Paytm Cash Earning Website & Apps Without Investments 2022

1- 99acres- 

99acres, a review website, is offering a flat ₹150 in free Paytm cash for reviewing your society or a neighboring society. All you have to do is write a detailed review of your neighborhood or society. When your reviews are approved, you will receive 150 free Paytm cash in your Paytm wallet.

Many of our users have received the free 150 Paytm cash from this website.

2-jagran’s Play-

Dainik Jagran’s Jagran Play Platform is now available. Jagran Play is dedicated to providing entertaining and engaging games and contests.

On Jagran Play, you can play FREE ENTRY games. Jagran Coins are credit balances awarded to players for completing various activities on Jagran Play. These Jagran Coins can be used to play games and win real cash, which will be added to your cash balance. Jagran Coins can be exchanged for Paytm cash in the Paytm wallet.

3-Panel Station-

Panel Station is a survey-based website that gives away free Rs.300 PayTM cash for completing small surveys. Most of our users have already earned more than Rs.9000 from this website.

So, without further ado, begin earning the free PayTm cash.

4- Fiewin-

FieWin Refer & Earn is a newly launched website that pays instant withdrawals on both your earnings and the earnings of your referrals. I referred my friends and have already received my payments in my bank account.

when you sign Up for the FieWin Website you will get the following rewards

-Sign-up Bonus: ₹10

-1 Referral = ₹1 Free PayTM Cash

5-i say survey-

i-Say Survey is a brand new daily survey site that offers free PayTM cash on a daily basis. 

By completing simple surveys, you can win up to ₹500 in PayTM cash and Flipkart vouchers from i-Say Survey. The majority of their surveys have 600-900 points.

We’ve been testing this site for the past three months, and they’ve been very consistent with reward payments as well, delivering your Amazon/Flipkart vouchers within 28 days.

6-OctaFx Trades-

OctaFxTrades Overview: OFX Trades is a virtual stock trading site designed to assist people in improving their investment skills. 

If you want to make a lot of money and believe in trading, this website can help you make a difference in your financial life. 

This stock trading platform offers virtual trading services online via an online stock market game or stock simulation game.

OctaFxTrades Website Registration:

-₹20 as a sign-up bonus

-PayTM Cash for Free / Refer: ₹6


FinShorts Overview: FinShorts is a powerful panel that allows users to contribute financial ideas and earn money online. 

It is one of the best paid mobile-friendly financial survey sites for users in the twenty-first century. On a regular basis, it has 24 polls for each category. 

Starting-ups, the economy, personal finance, taxation, corporations, the stock market, utilities, and other topics are covered.

Sign Up for the FinShorts Website:

-₹20 as a sign-up bonus

-PayTM Cash for Free / Refer: ₹6

8-FullForm Star

FullFormStar Basic Information: By completing the challenges, players will become a part of a vast online world and have the opportunity to win incredible rewards. 

We offer Rs. 20 PayTm money as a joining bonus in exchange for user trust. We have a simple and quick sign-up process. When you sign up for Fullformstar, you will receive Rs.20 in your wallet.

FullFormStar Website Registration:

-₹20 as a sign-up bonus

-PayTM Cash for Free / Refer: ₹6


CrickMania Overview: CrickMania provides news ranging from match coverage to inside scoops on cricket stars and how cricket associations operate around the world. 

Viewers can also earn money by posting current cricket trends. This platform will provide users with current cricket facts.

Sign Up for CrickMania’s Website:

-₹20 as a sign-up bonus

-PayTM Cash for Free / Refer: ₹6

10-OsMoxy Website- 

Earn ₹10 per day with Paytm OsMoxy Basic Information: OsMoxy is a brand new online gaming platform that allows users to earn money by playing dice and card games in their browser. 

This is a brand new colour prediction website where you can play FieWin-style games. You can use this website to recharge and play Fast Parity, Parity, Sapre, and Dice games to earn more Free PayTM cash.

Sign Up for the OsMoxy Website:

-Sign-up Bonus: ₹10

-5 Referrals = ₹5 Free PayTM Cash

11-Make Dhan App-

Make Dhan is a reward earning entertainment app that rewards its users with cash rather than discounts or gift cards. After installation, you can watch a variety of videos that will keep you up to date on viral content from around the world.

It is one of the best Paytm earning apps that requires no user investment.

Simple tasks such as signing up, watching videos, daily check-ins, referrals, providing reviews, trying free apps, completing survey questionnaires, and more can earn you free Paytm cash.

The creators of this daily Paytm cash earning app claim that top users can earn more than INR 20,000. 

You can earn up to INR 200 per day and get 50 points just for signing up.


PocketCharge by CollegeDunia offers a simple user interface and a plethora of daily offers as ways to earn money. You can earn cash and rewards every time someone uses the app because you chose the tasks with the highest payouts and shared your referral code. If you have any problems, you can contact the customer support team at any time.

You can earn Paytm cash by watching video ads, attempting offers, completing survey questionnaires, referring others, playing various game genres, signing up for websites, taking quizzes, and completing other tasks.

You can earn INR 200 per day. Once you have INR 30 in your account, you can withdraw your payments at any time. INR 10 for registering

Refer and earn INR 15 in Paytm cash via social media platforms.


Frizza is a Paytm cash-earning app that offers entertainment through online content as well as instant cash for spending time on any of its activities. 

This reward app allows you to play over 1000 questionnaires with your classmates. It is simple to use and win prizes, making it popular among users.

You can earn free Paytm cash by participating in surveys, reading news articles, watching videos, playing free games and quizzes, shopping on popular websites, and performing other simple tasks.

How Much Money Can You Make With Frizza?

Spending time on this app will earn you 500 Paytm cash.


OneAd app is a popular Paytm cash game that allows you to earn money from multiple sources by completing interesting tasks of your choice. 

You can participate in tournaments, see your ranking on the leaderboard, and earn points based on it. It is one of the best Paytm cash earning games that do not require any investment.

Paytm cash can be earned by watching videos and referring others. You can also earn money by playing the best Paytm cash-earning games like Rising up, Trick Shot Ball, Run Boy Run, and entering hourly tournaments.

You can earn INR 350 per day by performing tasks such as Paytm games to earn money.

15-Pocket Money-

Pocket Money is a rewards app that gives cash and other offers in exchange for free music, train tickets, and shopping for products across apps. You can find the most relevant offers by looking at nearby offers. If you have any problems with payment withdrawal or other app features, please contact the support team.

You can earn money with Paytm by registering for a daily bonus and watching videos. 

You can also play Paytm cash games such as Tambola, earn referral commissions, complete surveys, install apps, enter weekly contests, click on links, and perform other tasks.

This daily Paytm cash-earning app can earn you INR 400-500. You can earn INR 160 per day through referral.

16-Gamezy App-

Gamezy is a platform where you can play the best Paytm cash-earning games. It contains over 15 games, such as fantasy sports, ludo, carrom, snakes and ladders, rummy, and others. Before the actual games, you have practice games to help you improve.

It provides a safe method of withdrawal while also protecting data privacy on both Android and iOS devices.

You can get free Paytm cash by participating in games, referrals, cash tournaments, bonus games, gadget leagues, and other activities. Even if you don’t want to play fantasy sports, a casual Ludo game for Paytm cash will suffice.

You earn money on a regular basis by completing game missions in one of eight different languages.


The mCash money-earning app is a safe platform that allows users to complete fun activities and receive rewards instantly for a seamless experience. It pays to read new articles, which also keeps you up to date on global events. You can use vouchers to purchase items from sites such as Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, and others.

news, performing simple user tasks such as app installation and registration, completing surveys, inviting friends, and playing games.

Paytm cash win earnings are around INR 100-500 daily

INR 10 to log in for the first 7 days

INR 5 on invitation-based login.


Crownit allows users to participate in surveys and initiatives run by over 100 brands to improve their solutions through feedback and product research/development. 

The surveys last about 10-15 minutes and cover every aspect of a product. You can even upload your daily bills like cabs, restaurants, utilities, and more to earn rush ticket rewards.

You can earn rewards by participating in online surveys that match your demographics, playing games like Tambola and Birdie Rush via rush tickets, rapid fire quizzes, and other activities. You can also claim someone else’s prize if they fail to claim it within the time limit.

Through scratch cards and other rewards worth thousands of rupees, you can earn 500 Paytm cash instantly.

19-Cash Panda-

Cash Panda is a reward app that allows users to earn money in fun and easy ways whenever they want. After you create an account, you will receive daily offers that you can complete without the need for tutorials. 

Customers can only buy what they need with cash because there are no discounts or gift cards.

Payouts are quick, and you can earn Panda coins by performing simple tasks such as:

-Daily check-ins invite friends by -sharing an invitation code via apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, -Instagram, SMS, and so on.

-Video viewing

-Obtaining additional applications

-Clicking on advertisements

-Spinning to Win (0-10 coins)

-Completing ‘Hot offers’ from survey completion

-Giving feedback

-App installation and free trials

Spending time on the app can earn you INR 250 per day.

20-Roz Dhana-

Roz Dhan is a money earning and entertainment app that allows users to earn and withdraw money on a daily basis by reading news and performing other simple tasks. It has a straightforward user interface. It also allows you to access websites for fantasy leagues, jobs, shopping, and so on.

There is also a step counter for walks, free games, and regular horoscopes in the app. You can easily contact the support team in case of issues.

For the first login after installation, you will receive Paytm cash. You can also earn instant cash by performing simple user tasks such as watching advertisements, walking, checking your daily horoscope, reading news articles, playing games, inviting friends, and completing surveys.

You can earn between INR 200 and INR 300 per day.

INR 50 for the initial login

30 INR for tasks

12 INR for login referral.


EarnEasy Users can be used to download apps and earn cash and discounts while shopping on sites like Myntra. Referrals can be made using various messaging apps such as Telegram, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Simply update your bank account or UPI ID information. You can view your reward in the payments section of My Account.

How Does EarnEasy Make Money?

Paytm cash can be earned by downloading offers, referring others, downloading applications of your choice, and completing other tasks. Mobile recharges, train and movie ticket bookings, online shopping, and other services are also available.

You can earn up to INR 1000-3000 per day.

INR 50 on app sign up

INR 10 on referral and INR 5 on completing a task


EasyCash allows users to earn money and withdraw it instantly by downloading the apps of their choice. After requesting cash, you can have it in your account within a day.

You can use your rewards to buy movie tickets, recharge your phone, order food, shop online, and more.

How Does EasyCash Make Money?

Paytm earn money offers are available through daily cashback offers, referrals via platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp, Android app downloads, and so on.

How Much Money Can You Make With EasyCash?

With this Paytm money earning app, you can earn up to INR 1000-2000 per day.

Earn INR 10 in Paytm cash for each referral.

For simple tasks, INR 5.


CashBoss by CouponDunia is a safe app that allows you to play and win Paytm cash online for free by playing over 250 games and completing other tasks. You can play Spin the Wheels for rewards as a reward for completing tasks.

When you download apps to earn money, you get extra credits for keeping them installed for a certain number of days.

You can earn Paytm cash by completing tasks such as watching videos, referring friends, installing apps with app-centric tasks, and playing games, quizzes on science, Bollywood, IPL, and so on, as well as Spin the Wheels.

You can earn up to INR 350 per day by using the app for a few hours.

Each spin costs INR 20.

Refer and earn Paytm cash INR 5

24-Indian Music Player-

Indian Music Player allows you to listen to your favorite songs on the radio or on your phone while earning rewards for doing so. When you sign in with your Google or Facebook account to this Paytm cash-earning app, you will be rewarded with coins for completing various tasks.

When you begin the withdrawal process, you will receive an email with the date on which you will receive your payment within 14 days.

How to Make Money as an Indian Musician

Signing up, listening to music, daily check-ins, taking surveys, playing games, watching video ads, app referral bonuses and commissions are all ways to earn cash rewards.

25-4Fun Earning-

4Fun Earning is a short video-making app similar to Tik-Tok that was recently launched in India and allows you to earn instant Paytm cash. This app allows you to create videos and share them on the 4Fun platform, and once you achieve stardom, you can earn a lot of money. 

This app also allows you to earn money by signing up for it and referring others.

4Fun offers a Rs. 50 sign-up bonus and a Rs. 7 referral bonus for each referral made. The minimum withdrawal amount is Rs. 200, and any earnings will be credited to your Paytm wallet.

My Final Thoughts On Daily Paytm Cash Earning Website without Investment

You can easily earn some decent amounts of money by using the apps mentioned in this blog for a few hours per day. Apart from apps, Paytm earning websites are becoming increasingly popular.

You can use daily Paytm cash-earning websites if you do not want to install the app. The money withdrawal process is also simple, and you can spend your Paytm cash on whatever you want.

Basically, I have created this in-depth & informational post for all students & working professionals who want extra income & pocket money.

Must follow all those mentioned apps & I can give you a guarantee you will earn some decent Paytm cash without any investment.

[Note: Paytm Earning Apps & other earning apps are real but it’s not an evergreen money-making strategy & you can’t make huge money or set up your business out of it. For Legitimate & long-term online businesses I Recommend you learn Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Video Creation & other digital marketing methods.]

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