BSA Fund App Scam: Not Working- Complete Review

BSA Fund App Review 2022: Scam or Legit? Dear Reader Welcome to My Portal “” Today I will be going to discuss on BSA Fund App Scam…

First of we will cover all the frequently asked questions by our readers, like What is BSA Fund App? Is BSA Fund App real or fake? Is BSA Fund App Scam? BSA Fund App Customer care Number, BSA Fund App Not Working or Opening & its withdraw limits, etc.

BSA Fund app is not working since 2nd July 2022 morning 6 – 7 Am. No one knows who is behind this massive scam. Yes, people are losing their money & Trust me it’s a very big online App Scam…

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What Is BSA Fund App?

This is a referral-based app in which one can join only when he uses a referral code. The Google Play Store and the App Store do not have this app. To invite another person to download this app, you must be using it yourself.

My friend also invited me to the BSA Fund App through Facebook. I have seen the proof of his withdrawal. I have downloaded this app from the referral link. I invested Rs. 1000 with GooglePay. And, bought a VIP worth Rs. 1000.

Till Now everything was fine, I have also invited several friends & easily make some juicy commissions. I was very happy…like me, many others are also making very good money with this app.

But suddenly on July 2, the app is not loading & opening, it feels like some server issue at first but after a few hours people are getting tense about the Money that they have already invested & many people’s profits are not yet withdrawn… Till Now BSA Fund app not working & Now it’s Confirmed it’s a complete SCAM!

BSA Fund App Real or Fake – Is BSA Fund App Scam?

Is BSA Fund App is Safe? Is the BSA Fund app is Real? No, it is not. There are many reasons, for example,

  • The app was poorly designed,
  • There is no information about the founder,
  • Registration details not found,
  • There are no complete details of the work,
  • Online reviews are mostly negative,
  • No official contact details,
  • No Proper contact details,
  • Hundreds of Complain online,
  • All certificates and proofs shown in-app are fake,
  • There are no active social media accounts,
  • The information displayed in the app is completely false,
  • WP Fund App offers a very lucrative plan.

BSA Fund App Is A Scam -Prooved! What’s The Solution Now?

Honestly! There is No Direct & Instant solution!

But You can report this to your local police station, cyber security company, and payment partners such as Google Pay, Paytm, Phone Pay, etc.

Some of us have already complained about BSA Fund App. Do it as soon as possible. I highly suggest you file a complaint in the cybercrime cell of India. Recently Double Q & Jazz app did a scam of crores in Mumbai, Delhi, Gujrat, Punjab, and other states of India in September 2021.

Please do not trust such a type of app which tells them they will multiply your investment in a short time. If you find such an app then please report it to the nearby police station, cyber security. Do not invest your earnings. Spread this message on social media… is not responsible for any fraud done by this app. I have shared the information that I got till now. “ So Try to share this article to make people aware!

I Request you all to comment down below & share your opinion regarding BSA Fund App…Thanks a lot!

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