Top 10 Best Money Making Apps In India 2022 [Daily 1000rs Income]

Dear Friends! Are you looking for the Top 10 Best Money Making Apps in India 2022? If Yes! So I can definitely say that currently, you are at the right place over the internet. I have personally researched thousands of money-making apps through which I can earn a decent amount.

In the following section, I have listed out some Make-money online apps that are 100% safe, intuitive & profitable that anyone can easily use and can make money with your smartphones by simply searching on Google, typing content, clicking on ads, posting content on Google, investing in stocks, & playing games online.

Below is the list of the most demanding, trending, money-making apps. Those apps are really working and can help you get a frequent cash inflow. Are you ready to Grab? Here you go…. 

Top Best Money Making Apps In India 2022: [10 Most Popular]

  1. Upstox





6. Meesho

7. Gamee Prizes App

8. Mcent App

9. MPL App

10.SwagBucks App

Upstox App

Upstox is a safe and reliable stockbroker platform because it (RKSV) is backed by Ratan Tata, Kalaari Capital, and GVK Davix.

There are many discount brokers in India, but Upstox is one of the best ones for traders. Upstox provides one of the fastest trading platforms available, which are essential to booking high profits in day trading.

On the other hand, whether you have traded a small amount or a large amount, you have to pay just a flat rate of Rs 20.

Over the past few months, Upstox has crossed the 10 lakh user mark and become India’s second-largest discount broker.

Upstox is a great choice because of these reasons

It provides Special offers like brokerage credit

You are getting a Flat of Rs 20 per trade for intraday

Also, give you Zero brokerage on Delivery

Provide advanced technology trading platforms

1. Brokerage fees are low

Under the “Basic” plan, RKSV charges a flat fee of Rs. 20 per transaction. It is cost-effective to trade large volumes with a low brokerage rate.

Traders who are on a tight budget and who want to experiment with stock intraday trading will greatly benefit from the flat rates.  

In contrast, intermediate traders with 6+ months of experience who are able to deal with higher leverage should choose the “Priority” plan.

Under the plan, you have to pay Rs. 30 in brokerage which is more expensive, but still cheaper than the 0.50% brokerage charged by full-service brokers such as Sharekhan, Motilal Oswal, ICICI Direct, and HDFC Securities.

2. Reasonable trading margins

Margin increases your trading ability by multiplying your money multiple times. In other words, if you have only Rs. 5000 in your trading account but with 10X leverage, you can open a position worth Rs. 5000 X 10X leverage or Rs. 50,000. 

Under RKSV’s “Basic” plan, margins are 15x, while the “Priority” plan features a slightly higher leverage of 20x. 

A new trader should be able to handle the 15X margin. By entering trades with high leverage (50X), he is essentially protected from the risk of losses.   

3. Low annual and account opening fees

The Upstox account opening fee is Rs 299 per person. Right now, Upstox is offering a limited-time offer of Rs 1,000 in brokerage credit upon account opening.

There is a maintenance charge of Rs. 25 per month. 

Grab the Upstox Deal now!

Upstox Trading Platforms Review

1. Review of Upstox Pro Web

Unlike other web-based trading platforms, Upstox Pro web comes with a range of advanced features like API integration and somewhat trading, along with charts and technical indicators.

By using these features, you can perform in-depth market analysis and gain a better understanding of the market.

A socket-based platform enables access to real-time market data in a faster manner. A chart screen also provides a drag-and-drop facility to see a script in chart form immediately by dragging it and dropping it on the chart screen.

2. My review on the Upstox NEST Trader Desktop

NEST trader allows you to monitor markets, trade in real-time, and place orders on an online trading platform.

Desktops or laptops are both compatible with the application.

Features of NEST Trader

The interface that can be customized

Enterprise-level performance and low latency

You can monitor markets, track your favorite scripts and indices with more than 100 technical indicators and charting tools.

Android and iOS versions of the Upstox Pro mobile trading platform are supported.


Integrated multi-monitor support

Charting with advanced features

3. Upstox Pro Mobile App Review

With more than 100 technical indicators and charting tools, you can monitor the markets and follow your favorite scripts and indices.

Both Android and iOS versions of Upstox Pro are compatible.

How to create an account with Upstox

It is possible for you to open a trading account or a Demat account with RKSV online or offline. 

To authenticate the application form using the online method, you need to possess an Aadhaar card and the associated mobile number. An offline account opening method can be used if you do not have an Aadhaar card linked to your mobile.

The following documents are required in both cases.

PAN Card

Aadhaar Card

Specimen Signature


Income proof (if you wish to trade in derivatives)

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GooglyPay App

Guys! Now, No Skills Or Experience Needed… No Waiting To Get Paid… No Extra Fees you require.

GooglyPay is an app that pays for all of your Google searches, with no limits for easy 100-200x profit without doing anything additional! This app generates 100% hands-free income without you doing anything.

The system updates payments of $49 every time you search on Google, which means you won’t have to do anything else but search on Google. It is the perfect application for those who really want to make money online. This is a complete Done-For-You system with $1.7 Trillion Dollar “Google Loophole” that pays you $49 over & over again for simply searching on Google.

This is pretty simple…The more times you search with GooglyPay, the more money you will get.

I mean, MORE Searches = MORE Profits in your pocket.

=> 5 Searches = you Profit $135

=> 10 Searches = you Profit $490

=> 20 Searches = you Profit $580

=> 50 Searches = you Profit $1,450

You get the idea …Right!

What features will you get inside?

=> 100% Brand new Googlypay systemThe Same System That’s Paying Us $49 Over & Over Every Time We Search On Google…

(Worth $297/Month Or $3,564/Year)

=> Breakthrough paid-search technology

This Is The Secret Sauce Of GooglyPay, Which Lets Us Profit While Searching Google…

(Worth $997)

=> Googlypay Step-By-step video training(Worth $297)

=> GooglyPay World Class Support Team

Have Any Issues? They Will Do Everything In  Power To Deliver You Results…


So what are you waiting for? Grab this App now ONLY at $17 (One-Time-payment for Lifetime Access!!)

Now, You are just 3-steps away from getting paid to search on Google. What you have to do Is?

Step 1: Access

Simply Access the Googlypay app by clicking on the below button/links

Step 2: Activate

Turn On The “Paid2Search” Technology Inside The GooglyPay Dashboard

 Step 3: Search

Kudos! You are Ready to Bang Bang! Here you are Getting Paid $49 Every Time you Search On Google…

Just Remember…….!!!!! (More Searches = More Profits…)

Clickypay App

ClickyPay is The World’s 1st System That Pays Us To Click On Advertisements!

Every 30 Seconds = you’re Getting Paid $2.50 Over & Over For Clicking On Advertisements.

(The More Ads We Click, The More Profits We Make…)

Here you Don’t Wait To Get Paid.. 

No Extra Fees.. no investments…. & no more efforts/hard work to make money.

There is lots of features that you will get inside this app that are 

  • It can Remove ALL Limits From Your Account And Put ClickyPay On Hyperdrive
  • Get An Unfair Advantage Over The Other Users Of ClickyPay
  • More ClickyPay Campaigns Activated = More Autopilot Profits Flowing In
  • Click On Ads & Get Paid With NO LIMITS​ For Easy 100-200x Your Profit Without Doing Anything Extra!
  • Turn $500 Paydays Into… $2,500 Paydays Now!
  • Copy & Paste The Exact DFY Monetization Campaigns We Used To Generate $32,000 In 30 Days…
  • Done For You Campaign…
  • Done For You Funnel…
  • Done For You Offers Proven To Convert…
  • Done For You Bonuses To Offer…
  • Instantly Tap Into Our Personal, Diamond Source Of Viral Traffic For Unlimited Sales & Commissions…
  • The EXACT Traffic Secret We Used To Generate $400,000 in 4 Months… (Averaging $100,000 per month)
  • Like literally owning a Virtual ATM Machine!
  • 100% Done For You FREE Buyer Traffic On AUTOPILOT By Tapping Into Our Source With No Limits…
  • Lifetime Access To Our Traffic Source – Pay Once & Enjoy Forever!

Guys! You are just 3-steps away from making money

Step 1:

Buy ClickyPay Now by clicking here.

 Create your Clickypay account by filling in credentials.

Step 2:

Click on Ads/websites listed on the Clickpay dashboard.

Step 3:

Maximize ClickyPay To Its Fullest And Avoid Leaving Profits On The Table. 

Type4cash App

Type4Cash is one of the Best money-making tools that will pay you a huge amount for typing simple words. The More Words you Type, The More you Get Paid. This app comes with a stupidly simple user interface so that anyone can use this tool without having any prior tech skills or expertise.

Furthermore, is compatible across all devices and operating systems and can be accessed with a smartphone.

Here you’re getting paid $26.59 over n’ over to type simple words…is not it insane!

And the more you type, the more you get paid…

So… If we type for…

  • 2 minutes =  you make $20-$30
  • 10 minutes =  you $100-$150
  • 30 minutes =  you make $300-$450
  • 60 minutes = you make $600-$900

You’re smart enough to get the idea…

If you’ve 2 minutes of spare time today, just fire up Type4Cash And bank some quick money! Below, I have mentioned a list of features that you will get inside the tool.

  • 100% brand new, no recycled b.s
  • The fastest income they have made in 2021
  • Its members have been paid over $1,184,992.77 dollars
  • Over 70 beta testers made money in 24 hours
  • Super easy, even a 10 year old could do it
  • Get started in just 2 minutes flat
  • 365-day money-back guarantee
  • No risk: get paid $300 if you fail!
  • 100% cloud based & SSD servers ​
  • Automated daily backup
  • No technical skills or experience required

Guys! Taking a closer look at how to use these applications, let’s learn a bit more about the process.

You can earn such benefits from Type4Cash with just 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Access

Get type4cash by clicking any buy button on this page. Act fast before the price increases.

  • Step 2: Activate

Activate the “paid2type” technology inside type4cash (just like turning on a light).

  • Step 3: bank

Get paid for typing simple words on our laptops or phones (direct deposit or PayPal)

PostNEarn App

As the name suggests Post n earn, Here you can easily make money by simply posting online, that’s it…No bullshit & no more hard work or endless investments in content, ads, SEO, or anything you need. 

It takes zero technical skills or expertise to make money with this tool as your passive income. Anyone, no matter what their skill level, can make money with this software.

The strategy is quite simple.

The More You Post, The More Profits you Make… I know that $37.00 payments may seem underwhelming. Boring. Unexciting. But I’m here to tell you that it’s NOT the case… These tiny payments quickly snowball into large online earnings:

  • Post 5 Times = you Get Paid $185.00…
  • Post 10 Times = you Get Paid $370.00…
  • Post 20 Times = you Get Paid $740.00…
  • Post 50 Times = you Get Paid $1850.00…

Guys, Let’s see how you can make money using this easiest money-making software. Simply, what do you have to do is?

Step 1 – Get Post ‘N Earn Now For A Low, 1-Time Payment

Step 2 – ActivateEXPOSED: How This Secret 129 MILLION User PlatformPays Us $37.00 every time We Post!

Step 3 – ProfitFinally Relax, Sit Back And Enjoy The Good Life (You Deserve It)

Meesho App

An Indian social e-commerce company based in Bangalore, Meesho provides products and services across social media platforms. Visit Autrey and Sanjeev Barnwal founded it in December 2015 after graduating from IIT Delhi. Small businesses and individuals can create online stores using social channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

In 2016, Meesho was one of three Indian companies selected for Y Combinator. It was also included in the first batch of Google Launchpad – Solve for India.

 In July 2021, Meesho was India’s most downloaded app on Play Store.

This is India’s top reselling Android Application & best house-based earning app.

This application is simple and easy to use, and it has a refer-and-earn affiliate program that benefits housewives, students, small business owners, and many others.

So what are you waiting for? Download this application Now!

Gamee Prizes App

This is a FREE gaming mobile application in which you can win real money rewards by playing daily games. To win the prize per day, you have to participate in the daily ticket leaderboard.

By playing Free Games & completing a level of games you can win game tickets and dollars by inviting your friends through social media.

If you collect more tickets, your chances of becoming a winner are increased.

If you really want to earn money in a short time period along with having funs, then Gamee Prizes is the best gaming application for you.

Guys! Download Gamee Prizes App NOW! Play UNLIMITED Games and 

Earn Real money sitting at home.

Swagbucks App

Swagbucks is One OF the Best Gaming platforms that gives instant real cash to the users for playing games online.

Swagbucks members can earn money on a daily basis. It takes players playing games, completing quizzes, filling out surveys, browsing the internet, reading the latest news and updates, watching promotional videos, opening other websites, and doing several other entertaining things to earn a lot. 

As a substitute for cash rewards, the app gives you Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, Flipkart, and PayPal vouchers.

This user-friendly app makes earning money easy. It is simple to earn Swag points on every activity that you do with this app. You just have to download it and log in daily. It’s important to invite friends so that you may earn more (100% lifetime access).

When you reach 750 Swag points and redeem the amount, you will be able to request a cash out via PayPal.

Mcent App

Mcent is a web browser and alternatively a recharge earning site or app. This app is worthy because of its rich features and high information depth. This app is also the best in its design and look. This app gives quite impressive money.

For more info visit the official Mcent site & DOWNLOAD the App NOW!

MPL( Mobile Premier League) App

MPL(Mobile Premier League ) is one of the biggest mobile gaming platforms in India. 

MPL(Mobile Premier League ) is one of the biggest mobile gaming platforms in India. 

There are many popular games that can be played online. Anyone can play at any time and can earn lots of money.

This game is compatible with iOS and Android devices. All you need to do is download the MPL Application and play multiple games from one platform.

You don’t have to download and install any individual games on your smartphone. 

Yes! You’re right. There will be no more tension caused by insufficient storage.

With this app, you can play unlimited games, refer more friends, and earn more.

Enjoy classic games like Bloxmash, Carrom, and Chess, and relive some of your childhood memories.

 Win real money by competing against players around the world.

What are you waiting for? Let’s have some fun & earn. DOWNLOAD the App Now!

Guys, Above are some of the Best Money Making Apps for 2022. Try all the above-listed apps that will pay you real money.

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