Apna App Review: Real or Fake (Good or Bad)

Apna App Review 2021: Real or Fake [Good or Bad]: Dear Reader Welcome to My Portal “Startupinklings.com” Today I will going to discuss on Apna App Review.

I know you have some questions about Apna App, such as what is Apna App?, Are jobs in Apna App is authentic or not? Is Apna App is fake or real?, Apna App is safe or not?, how does Apna App Works? and many more.

Well, without any further ado let’s discuss on Apna App Review & How you can get a job using this app.

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Founder Of Apna App?

apna app founder

Nirmit Parikh, Founder, and CEO, apna, said, “apna has a deep social purpose, and is committed to discovery and creation of opportunities to enhance a billion livelihoods, across geographies

Apna App Started On 2019 & Now this app is so much famous & well know in the Corporate & job industry.

Apna App job platform recently entered the unicorn club after raising $100M Series C round led by Tiger Global.

Apna App Review: The Good & Bad Side

The Good:

->New Job Portal

->Get the opportunity to work with a variety of startups

->Students are getting jobs very quickly.

->Everyday job Posting

->Verity of jobs available

The Bad:

->Some Jobs from unverified sources

->Very Slow consumer support

->lack of licensing and certification

->No Complete Owner Details

Above are the Good & Bad of the Apna App; Now let’s come down to the next section of the Apna App Review.

About Apna App

For starters, let me tell you what Apna App is. An app is an online tool for finding jobs. However, like most of you, I was confused about what it is and whether it is legitimate. is it safe or can it trust given other giant job portals like moster.com among the hundreds alike? Try to get to the end of this review only then you will be able to have clarity.

The deep and intense search for all kinds of similar ideas and experiences is posted here. One can come down to a conclusion that the answer is mostly NEUTRAL. On the contrary, there are some things that place this job portal into the suspicious category. These may include:-

  1. Some of the job openings and suggestions come from unreliable sources.
  2. It has the speed of a tortoise when it comes to customer support.
  3. Absence of all kinds of certifications and licensing.
  4. Nothing of the owner’s information can be found, not even a hint.
  5. Non-verified job openings and vacancies
  6. There are many job options and suggestions on this job portal from unknown and unidentified sources.

Apna App Real or Fake [My Recommendations]

Note:- If you are being asked for any money or charges related to the job, then you should not give them anything. Because there are chances of losing your money in such a situation.

Also, if you got any job from a company or organization, they must verify their organization on Google. Check out their official website, and social media pages.

Friends! if you have a question Apna App is Real or Fake? Apna app is Good or Bad? Then I have one answer: Apna App Is Safe & it’s completely Real

Apna App is just a platform developed to help individuals to get jobs as soon as possible without doing hardship.

But sometimes fraud people are posting jobs to collect money from students by telling them they need to pay registration fees or joining fees etc…

As an Intelligent Internet user your responsibility to verify every job before getting into it.

I hope guys you found my Apna App Review helpful for yourself. Thanks a lot for stopping by My Website.

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I always wanted to help my audience with my Honest Information & detailed Review. I Appriciate if you will contribute your experience in the comment section.

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